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Your Virtual Shaolin Temple of Zen

My online programs introduce you to a life-changing experience that will help you reach the potential in yourself you only dreamt of before. My results-driven programs are open to both martial artists and non-martial artists. And even though these time-tested movements originate from monks at the Shaolin Temple of Zen, they're just as suitable for women as they are for men.  

But just as I can't explain the taste of an apple, you need to taste it for yourself, I encourage you to stop thinking and just do it! This is the philosophy of the Zen Temple where I come from.

I've been teaching in the West for more than twenty years. And I treat each online session as if I'm teaching you in person. I encourage you to do the same, as this creates muscle memory. I speak in broken English, but I mainly speak in body language. So if you're new to my style head to my YouTube channel where I have lots of free workouts for you to try.

Shaolin Monk Kung Fu

I teach what you would learn if you stepped on a plane and studied at the Shaolin Temple. Can you learn this online? I wouldn't waste your time or mine if you couldn't. It's not just for martial artists but for anyone who wants to supercharge their body and gain physical strength and a calm mind. 

 So, let's start right now. Take a piece of paper and write down what your wellness and fitness goals are.

  • Are you a martial artist or do you want to utilise the temple's fitness and wellness techniques to bio-hack your body?
  • Are you interested in Qigong rather than Kung Fu?
  • Are you training as a fighter?
  • Do you want to access the more relaxation elements of Qigong?
  • Are you ready for a challenge? (Challenges gives us something positive to focus on. And when we rise to the challenge, we gain confidence.)
  • Are your shoulders aching from sitting at a computer for too long?
  • Are you not a martial artist but you want to bio hack your body or get fit?

The answer to these questions and any other questions or goals you have written down,  gives you your personal Shaolin workout plan.

Research has shown that meditation and movement are crucial for a positive mental state. These workouts combine both in one fully contained unit. Our spiritual ancestors created these ancient movements from nature. They tap into our wired-in instinct to move with flow. They remind us that we already are what we want to become. There's nothing to strive for. You already are what you want to become. You're in the right place!

online kung and qigong course

Below is the optimal order to follow the online courses. This is your prescription for health.  If you're older, unfit or starting from a low fitness threshold, you can start with The 8 Treasures Qigong.  or my new course, Absolute Beginners which I've created for people starting from a fitness level of zero. 

It's easy for your body to hit a plateau, so once you know the movements, feel free to mix them and adapt them according to how much time you have each day. For example, if you're tired or stressed, do more Qigong than Kung Fu. Or if you feel like you're hitting a plateau, then add in my Circuit Training which has 4 different intensity levels.

Every month, I offer free workouts on my YouTube channel. You can watch these and get some ideas. The more you practice, the more the teachings become a part of you and a positive part of your life. I wish you good health and peace on your journey. If you have any questions, drop me an email.

Think of my programs like a walking stick. Once you’ve learnt them, you can walk by yourself. And begin to mix up what you’ve learnt. They're incredibly adaptable. For example, in my Shaolin Monk 20-Day Workout, my youngest student is 16, and my oldest is in her seventies. This is the same in China. In parks all over China, you will see older people practising many of these movements to keep their mind and body young. But they're just as important to learn when you're young. When I was a boy, I did hundreds of kicks every day. 

You have two options.  

1) Get results tailored for you. Click here ( it takes about 30 seconds).

2) Follow the programs in the order below. 

Medicine Qigong

In this program I draw on Shaolin Monk exercises to ease computer related stress.

Relieve Computer Related Stress

If your focus is on Qigong and/ or health and wellness:

Absolute Beginners ( for people who want to get fit)

8 Treasures Qigong for Longevity

Novice Shaolin Monk Workout

Ultimate Flexibility

Yi Jin Jing

Xi Sui Jing

Yi Jin Xi Sui Gong

Diamond Qigong

Optional: Iron Shirt

Transformation 1

Kung Fu Punch

If your focus in on Kung Fu, fitness/fighting:

 Novice Shaolin Monk Workout

Ultimate Flexibility

Circuit Training

40-day Shaolin Challenge

Fighting Meditation 


Transformation  1

Transformation 2

NEW! 1000 Kicks - 50 Days 

Optional: Iron Shirt

To decide whether Iron Shirt is suitable for you, click HERE


  • Hirushan

    My body and mind are finally starting to understand. Thank you shifu, you teaching absolutely hold the key to my life’s ongoing success.

  • kingin mike bee

    Master i love you so much and wish to train with you seriouslly.i have now trained mixed martial arts for 3years bt wish you to add me.thanks very much greatmaster…

  • Ian edwards

    Sift, I practice 8 treasures alongside Karate and fitness. The extra ideas from video clips and newsletter etc are great for keeping things fresh. Hoping I can join an online course soon

  • john

    Thank you Shifu, morning workout and stress busting evening workout is perfect mix where I get the best of both fitness and qigong in a busy lifestyle

  • JIMI

    My body and mind are finally starting to understand. Thank you Shifu, your teaching absolutely hold the key to my life’s ongoing success.

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