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Shaolin Kung Fu  

I've had great feedback for my online courses. Thank you to everyone who has left a review or sent me an email. I like to teach these programs because it gives me time to get to the marrow of the teaching, and it gives you time to really learn and understand the teachings. I treat each class as if I'm teaching you in person. I hope you're continuing to train and hone on the valuable skills that you've learned.

This year, all of my online teaching courses apart from Iron Shirt - which needs weekly feedback from me - will be available on my website. This is currently in progress. Each course will be available on one page with easy access to every session. You'll be able to track your progress as you move through the lessons. 

online kung and qigong course

I've had requests for a certificate after training. This will be made available once the pandemic is over. I will also offer a teaching certificate. Once you've done my online courses, I will need to see you either via video or in person for a series of sessions to ensure that you've fully understood the teachings.

Below is the optimal order to follow the online courses. If you're older, unfit or starting from a low fitness threshold, always start with The 8 Treasures Qigong. 

It's easy for your body to hit a plateau so once you know the movements, feel free to mix them and adapt them according to how much time you have each day. For example if you're feeling tired or stressed, do more Qigong than Kung Fu. 

Every month, I offer free workouts on my YouTube channel. You can watch these and get some ideas. The more you practice, the more the teachings become a part of you and a positive part of your life. I wish you good health and peace on your journey.

If your focus is on Qigong and/ or health and wellness:

8 Treasures Qigong for Longevity

Novice Shaolin Monk Workout

Ultimate Flexibility

Yi Jin Jing

Xi Sui Jing

Yi Jin Xi Sui Gong

Optional: Iron Shirt

Transformation 1

If your focus in on Kung Fu and or Fighting:

Novice Shaolin Monk Workout

Ultimate Flexibility

40-day Shaolin Challenge

Fighting Meditation 


Transformation  1

Transformation 2


Optional: Iron Shirt

To decide whether Iron Shirt is suitable for you, click HERE


  • Hirushan

    My body and mind are finally starting to understand. Thank you shifu, you teaching absolutely hold the key to my life’s ongoing success.

  • kingin mike bee

    Master i love you so much and wish to train with you seriouslly.i have now trained mixed martial arts for 3years bt wish you to add me.thanks very much greatmaster…

  • Ian edwards

    Sift, I practice 8 treasures alongside Karate and fitness. The extra ideas from video clips and newsletter etc are great for keeping things fresh. Hoping I can join an online course soon

  • john

    Thank you Shifu, morning workout and stress busting evening workout is perfect mix where I get the best of both fitness and qigong in a busy lifestyle

  • JIMI

    My body and mind are finally starting to understand. Thank you Shifu, your teaching absolutely hold the key to my life’s ongoing success.

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