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Shaolin Temple Virtual Membership 

£99.99 per year

The Shaolin Temple Virtual Membership provides a sanctuary where you can experience the authentic teachings of Shaolin Qigong and Kung Fu from the comfort of your own space. Whether you’re an experienced martial artist or just beginning your Shaolin journey, the membership suits all levels. You can customize the programs or follow a graded training path to suit your needs. As a member, you will gain exclusive member access to additional programs, training advice, and Zoom Q&As, which will be added throughout the year.

Shaolin Temple Virtual Membership gives you:

  • 40% discount on online programs
  • 40% discount on downloads
  • 20% discount on Live Masterclasses
  • 20% discount on all product purchases
  • Exclusive access to additional programs, training advice, and Q&As will be added throughout the year.  

The membership discount excludes personal training sessions, exams, Iron Body Training, and shipping.

Join now and become a part of the Shaolin Temple of Zen community, where you can learn, grow, and develop your skills.

Subscription auto-renews unless cancelled. See terms and conditions for more information.