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What Is Kung Fu?

What Is Kung Fu?

Emperors often enlisted Shaolin monks to help them defend their thrones against invaders. As there were no guns or bombs at that time the monks had to use their bodies as weapons.

If you don’t have a Shaolin teacher near you my Shaolin Warrior Programs give you instant access to the authentic teachings you would learn if you entered the Shaolin Temple.

The Shaolin skills are not a history book, they are something which are as relevant today as they were thousand of years ago. These days instead of doing battle with a warlord we do battle with our low fitness level or our weight gain.

The traditional forms tap into the innate harmony and energy of our bodies, transforming our mind and body. Shaolin students have reported an increase in energy, concentration and confidence through the practice of Shaolin. Fusing traditional Shaolin techniques with modern fighting skills, I focus on teaching the best skills for health and combat.

What Is Kung Fu?

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