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What is Qigong?

Shaolin Qigong

“Men should not be governed by Yin and Yang (they should) use the body of blood and Qi and change it into a body of metal and stone... You must study this gung fu carefully”

When the Bodhidharma arrived at The Shaolin Temple he found the monks were weak from sitting meditation so he developed a unique system of exercises called Qigong to energize the monks and help them gain enlightenment. Hundreds of years later, a Shaolin monk took the eight most effective movements. This is the Qigong I teach in The Way of Qigong Volume 1 and Instant Health: The Shaolin Qigong Workout For Longevity

While you may not want to become enlightened, you can use this simple but effective system to prevent illness, turn back the clock, have more energy, and – if you’re a martial artist – increase your martial power. Most people who do intensive exercise ( for example professional footballers, Olympic athletes) age rapidly and burn out when they’re in their thirties. I’m 41, and I still train as intensively as I did when I came to the Shaolin Temple at 13. Why do I not burn out? Because I practice Qigong.

Shaolin Qigong

If you’re training for health then you only need to learn the 8 Treasures Qigong. But if you’re a martial artist then you need to learn the most famous Qigong forms that come from the Shaolin Temple; Xi Sui Jing and Ee Jin Gong. I teach these in The Way Of Qigong Volume 2 and 3 (L). Ee Jin purifies the muscles and tendons and Xi Sui purifies the bone marrow. Shaolin monks have trained in these two forms for thousands of years and they continue to train in these forms because they know that this Qigong enables them to be the best at Kung Fu. Qigong takes you to the peak of your power.

Your Blueprint For Health

Qigong is not a secret. It just takes practice. Day by day, moment-by-moment you are building your blueprint for health. You know if you’re doing it correctly because you will:

  • Look noticeably younger
  • Have clearer skin
  • Feel calmer
  • Enter the flow more easily each time you practice
  • Feel energized after the practice even if you felt tired when you began
  • Feel a noticeable difference in your recovery time after your workout
  • Be faster and more powerful in your chosen martial art.

Shaolin Qigong

Keeping our body strong internally is one of the keys to keeping our mind strong and living well into old age. It’s optimal to keep up a regular practice of at least three times a week and always end your session with the Instant Health Massage.

The Instant Health Massage  is a way of sustaining the energy from your Qigong practice while clearing any blockages from the body.

Shaolin Qigong is the so called secret of Shaolin Monks. It optimizes the energy matrix of our body so we can perform at the peak of our power both in our chosen martial art and in our life.

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