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Transformation 2
Transformation 2
Transformation 2

Transformation 2


This is the second Transformation program. For details of the first, click HERE. It's the perfect workout for a small space. A holistic program that continues to strengthen your mind and body from the inside out and the outside in.

Now that you've transformed your body into a martial artist in Transformation 1, this program is designed to transform your mind and body into a warrior. The 24-day program is designed to be done without stopping and is designed for the ultimate mental and physical challenge.  

Each day you will move fluidly through modern and traditional combinations, use your own body to strengthen your muscles, then finish off with a recovery massage and some Yang Qigong with the focus on Qi Lifting.

  •  Warrior Training
  • Fighting Combinations
  • Traditional Combinations
  • Fluidity in Strength
  • Yang Qigong
  • Recovery Massage
  • Qi Lifting

Transformation 2 is a performance program with the focus on challenging and pushing your mind and body. Transformation 2 is suitable for existing martial art's students or experienced martial artists. This is not suitable for beginners! Beginner's start HERE.Once you have registered, you will receive an email with details of how to log into your personal dashboard. All of the sessions are available for you to access at any time. The sessions are streamed and the links are available for 12 months. 

 Requirements For Learning:

  • You must be 18+
  • A commitment to train
  • Trained in Kung Fu with Shifu's programs or downloads

 You will need:

 £20.00 discount shown in price. Valid until August 1st