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30-Day Shaolin Challenge -  Live Masterclass
30-Day Shaolin Challenge -  Live Masterclass
30-Day Shaolin Challenge -  Live Masterclass
30-Day Shaolin Challenge -  Live Masterclass

30-Day Shaolin Challenge - Live Masterclass

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Starts 13th November. All levels expect complete beginners. 

“Elevate your endurance and enhance your physical strength with the dynamic art of Shaolin Kicks.”

Shifu Yan Lei invites you to take part in the Shaolin Challenge. As you move through this 30-day program, you will get stronger, faster and fitter. You conquer yourself, elevate your self-esteem and improve your mental toughness. Going beyond your comfort zone is essential for growth. Shifu Yan Lei does a physical challenge every year so that he never hits a plateau. “It keeps my martial arts fresh and gives me beginner’s mind.”

The 30-day Shaolin Challenge focuses on discovering the soul of martial arts, which is fighting. Learning fighting skills gives you mental agility, enhances emotional regulation, boosts cardiovascular health and increases your range of movement. Even though you may not want to get in the ring, the focus is on challenging your mind and body. As you move from struggle to strength you will build from 100 squats and push ups to 200 and squats and push ups, and from 400 kicks to 1000.  

The sessions start off an hour and as the challenge progresses, the sessions will run to about 90 minutes. The 30-Day Challenge takes 5 weeks to complete. Training 6-days a week

What you will learn:

  • How to build confidence by safely going beyond your comfort zone
  • Fighting Punches and Kicks
  • Elbow and knee
  • Shaolin Fundamental Kicks 
  • Flexibility and stamina exercises

What you will need:

  • A space the size of a yoga mat
  • Commitment

When: Starts: November 13th at  6pm UK time. There are 6 sessions a week for 5 weeks. Ends December 16th.  Each session will be recorded and available for 30 days if you’re not able to attend.

The discounted price of £99.00 has been extended until 30th September. After that it's £120.00 until October 31st. If you'd prefer to pay via bank transfer, please email for details. 

Feedback from  previous Zoom sessions:

 “I started to believe I could not do some things anymore because I’m getting old, but now I’m looking at everything a different way. I am amazed at how I am gaining more strength and flexibility, and relaxing at it. “ Annie.

"I have felt great changes since I have been doing your online classes."

Thank you also for sharing your principles and training tips which help me a lot in my path." Vincent.