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The 5 Most Important Aspects Of Iron Body Training

Iron Body Training

When I was younger, I practiced Iron Body to protect my body and give me more confidence. Most people are taller than me so this is my disadvantage. With Iron body I could get closer to my opponent. Now that I'm in my fifties, I don't fight anymore but I still do Iron Body for health and to challenge my mind. Iron Shirt is good for your health because it is 100% mixes internal and external. If you're thinking of taking up the training, this article will give you a guide as to whether it's right for you.  

  1. Stamina - If you don't have stamina, you can't train hard. When you're tired, you will lose your focus. Iron Body is not a show, it is real. Stamina makes your body strong. If you don't want to run then skip or use a bike. Ask yourself, do you have stamina? Do you want to become a warrior? Can you still be strong in the last round of a fight?
  2. Traditional Training - Shaolin stances give us a good foundation. Your feet grab the floor,  you're like a tree. You are stable and when you use the brick and metal brush, you are strong and have good balance.  In traditional training, we focus on a single punch. Our breathing and movement work together. Everything is tense. It's not the same as boxing.  Boxers practice for speed and power. This is why we mix both.  
  3. Flexibility - Flexibility makes it easier for the blood to flow through your muscles and tendons. A tense body is not good for fighting or Qigong or even life. As we get older, we stiffen up. One of the keys to staying young? Stay flexible! Our joints need to be open, our muscles lean.
  4. Qigong - With Iron Body training, you don't just use your muscle strength, you use your Qi. At first you don't use much power when you hit yourself but as you get stronger, your body starts to react and protect. What does it use to protect itself? Qi But this only happens when you train a lot. Iron Body training is from outside to inside-  skin, muscle, organs. Also, inside from outside. Training in this special Qigong form makes your body like a mirror. In my online course, sometimes we do Qigong first and sometimes we do training first because I want to send different messages to your brain so your body gains muscle memory and really understands.
  5. Patience - Iron Body training is potentially dangerous training. You have to have patience or you can get injured. Slowly build up. Don't be in a hurry to use too much power at the beginning.  Balance your training. Be humble. Iron Shirt teaches us how to go beyond the limitations of our body, but we can only do this with patience and consistency. It doesn't happen overnight.

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