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The first time a Shaolin disciple steps into the temple, they begin their training with a run up the mountain and the kung fu exercises I teach in Novice Monk. The average age of a disciple is fourteen. Only when they’ve been training for a few years do they study Qigong. The first Qigong form they learn is The 8 Treasures (also called  Ba Duan Jin or Longevity Qigong).

My main Qigong is Bone Marrow Cleansing Iron Shirt Qigong. My master insisted that I studied the 8 Treasures Qigong for about a year before I began my main Qigong. Because it’s a very simple form, I was in a hurry to move on but as I’ve got older I’ve come back to it and the more I practice, the more I appreciate how powerful it is.

 Who Is It Suitable For?

  •  Kung Fu students who are older than twenty-one.
  • Any adult interested in wellness and longevity (no age limit).
  • Students wanting to learn Iron Shirt or body conditioning

 How Often Do I Need To Practice?

If you practice four to five times a week, after two weeks of training you’ll see a difference in your energy levels. You eyes will be clearer and your skin will look healthy. This is a sign that your internal organs are working more harmoniously. The important thing is to practice frequently. The beauty of the form, is it can be broken down so if you only have five minutes then you can do one or two movements when you’re pushed for time. Practicing once a week will have limited benefit.

The massage at the end of the Qigong Workout increases the power of the Qigong and helps to remove any blockages from the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine we believe that we have energy channels that flow where the blood flows. A blockage of these energy channels creates illness. Click here for more info on the massage.

 Qigong Prevents Illness  

 Yesterday I placed a quote on my Facebook page which created a heated discussion.

 “Using medicine is a last resort. If you take care of yourself, eat well, do Shaolin Qigong, you will not become ill. Don't neglect your bodies basic health.”

I should have  clarified that these are not my words but are an extract from a Shaolin book that we study at the temple. What was interesting is the Qigong students agreed with the statement, and the more scientific students didn't. Both were correct. Of course we don’t have 100% control over getting ill but with illnesses that are created by burn out and stress, Qigong has a powerful preventative effect. 

Qigong has been practiced for thousands of years. If it was rubbish, it would be long forgotten. We still practice because we feel the benefits.  Research here shows the many benefits of Qigong. Why does it have so many benefits? Because it realigns the body so the internal organs are working harmoniously. Hence the positive benefits on blood pressure and heart rate.

 The research is a modern way of saying what the Shaolin Master wrote:

Your body is a treasured gift from heaven and earth. It's your job to take care of it and nourish it through the practice of Shaolin Qigong. If you make an effort you will definitely see effects: your body will become stronger, you will be free of disease, you will lengthen your lifespan, and enjoy your life

Click here to stream today. 

Next weeks article is for martial artists who are not total beginners


  • Mike

    I have practised qigong now for 7 years and have recently learnt yijin jing and the five stances. It makes such a difference to my life , I am stronger and fitter than ever and feel happy and peaceful. Shifu Yan Lei is a great teacher and leader. Thank you !

  • terence barnes

    I have been training with qigong and the 8 treasures since 2000 as well as my taiji, from a western sports science fitness testing score I am in the 98% for my age and in the 35 year old age group I am at 66% across a full profile of tests. I also am apparently healthy.

  • Tim

    I have been doing Qigong for almost a year now and its benefits mentally and physically are great (52 years old), and incorporated Sifu lei ’s massage with the brush it is a very nice ending to a workout.

  • Kurt

    I have been using the 8 brocades form for over a year now. My flexibility has increased, stamina is at a level that compairs to my early 30s. I will be 48 shortly. Doing this program is well worth the effort.

  • Claus Petersen

    After training with shifu for 2 weeks i London, my way of training has changed forever.
    My legs are stronger my breathing is more stabil and i gained a Stamina that i havenr Had since i was 25( now in 45) . The 8 treasures combined with bone marrow cleansing are Lifring my skills to a new level, both mentally and physsically where i havent been before. It is hard work to keep motivating one self to pratice every day. But one thing helping with that is the motto from Shifu " Never give up ".
    Best Regards
    Claus, Norway .

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