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The Most Important Shaolin Exercise To Incorporate Into Your Workout Today

Shaolin Monks train as much as Olympic athletes but we don’t have an army of massage therapists and physiotherapists. Our only weapon against illness and injury is a simple bamboo brush. Self-massage with this bamboo brush along with Qigong is the one thing we have relied on for thousands of years.

The investment for the brush is small - less than the cost of one professional massage - but the pay off is huge. You can use it after any workout - it doesn’t need to be Qigong - or you can use if after your shower. It’s most effective if done at least four times a week.

 7 Reasons You Need To Do The Instant Health Massage Today

  • 1. Prevent Injury - Blood can’t flow freely through tight muscles. Through releasing tension in your muscles, you increase blood flow and release the chance of injury.
  • 2. Unblock The Meridian Channels - Meridian lines are small rivers that flow where the blood flows. They get blocked through stress or mild illness. The Instant Health Massage works in the same way as acupuncture, opening the meridian channels and unblocking the channels.
  • 3. Charge Up Your Qi - The massage increases the power of your Kung Fu and Qigong because it helps your body work in harmony. A body in harmony is a powerful body.
  • 4. Stimulate The Lymphatic System  - Lymphatic congestion can lead to inflammation and disease. Water retention or mild swelling - so called false fat  - is a sign of a sluggish lymphatic system. The Instant Health Massage stimulates the lymphatic system, releases toxins, and helps the other organs in your body work harmoniously.

  • 5. Boost Immunity -  A recent study showed that people who received a massage had an increased number of lymphocytes, which are white blood cells that play a large role in defending the body from disease. They were also shown to have less of the stress hormone, cortisol.
  • 6. Fix Stress - The gentle beating action has a calming effect on the mind and releases endorphins in the body. As the mind relaxes, the body does too.
  • 7. Improve Circulation - The light vibrational movements help the blood to flow through your body. Although research has not been done on this brush, a recent study published in Medical Science Monitor found that "Five minutes of vibration ( such as a vibration plate) produced significant increases in skin blood flow.”

Shaolin Temple Martial Arts focuses on health from the inside out. Skin is the largest organ in our body. Through regular massage, we look after this outer organ as well as all of our inner organs. I have been doing this massage ( I use the metal brush as well as the bamboo brush) for more than twenty- five years now and still gain as much benefit today as I did when I first started. Please share your experience with the Instant Health Massage in the comments below.

We use the brush in all of my online courses as well as my Qigong book and all of my Qigong DVDs apart from The Way Of Qigong Volume 1. If you're totally new I recommend The Shaolin Qigong Beginner’s Bundle.


  • Marlies

    I use the brush each morning before I do yoga and meditate. My original motivation was to increase my bone density as I have osteoporosis. I enjoy giving myself a good smack and feel so invigorated and uplifted afterwards.

    I found this website very helpful to learn more about the many ways the brush massage supports health. It makes me even more motivate using it.

    I get so much benefit out of it that I now give the brush to depressed clients as a life style intervention.

  • Hirushan Sandewa

    Thank you for your inspiration

  • Daniel Clark Sr

    To old for Kung Fu training? I’m 66 in poor health, with a pacemaker, do not want to spar just getting my body and mind into a better frame of mind. Tried worldly diets no go and YMCA watersize. I know that Qigong is a good way to start and hopefully to the Kung Fu classes. I will order your kit to start.

  • edward barja

    I like to know how many years before the bamboo brush becomes subjected to wear and tear. Thanks!

  • dhananjayareddy

    I am Dhananjayareddy Thanakanti , from south India. Kindly send the details , how to order dvds and The secrets of Shoalin Body conditioning techniques .

    Dhananjayareddy Thanakanti

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