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Exercise leaves long-lasting imprints on our genes and cells that affect health. The workouts we did years ago, continue to influence and improve our health today, according to a new study. Exercise increases our life expectancy and reduces the risk of heart disease, some kinds of cancer, depression, anxiety, type 2 diabetes and insomnia.

To get the maximum benefit, you need to combine moderate and vigorous exercise and strength training. How much you need, depends on your goals.

Schedule training like an appointment. When you train at the same time each day, you create a positive expectation in your body and a desire to train so that it’s no longer willpower but it becomes a habit.

Exercise is not complicated or hard to do. Just Train is my new live Zoom classes which gives you the powerful habit of training. Once you’ve Just Trained, you can then break down the workouts, and create your own workout in whatever time you have. Even 5 or 10 minutes is better than 0 minutes!

Exercise is one of the best supplements we can take and it’s not something we have to keep buying. Once we’ve made the initial investment, it’s ours for life.

Whenever I go to stay somewhere, I always take a skipping rope, yoga mat, my bamboo brush and a brick. For most people, of course, the brick is not necessary! 

Just Train Live Zoom Class starts May 13th

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