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Increase Your Energy Levels With Qigong Massage

I don’t usually focus on specific areas of the body when we do Qigong.  One of the purposes of regular Qigong and Instant Health Massage is to keep the internal energy flowing, therefore for most Shaolin Martial Arts there are no energy blockages. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, blockages are the beginning of an illness. Prevent the blockage and we can potentially prevent the illness.

Last week I had a student come to me who was stressed due to his work situation. His liver channel was blocked and this was affecting his digestion, making him tired and irritable. 

Once we’re stressed we can quickly get to the tipping point of anger or exhaustion. This is because stress blocks our liver channel. Liver is the internal organ responsible for the smooth flow of our emotions. It is the liver that is most affected by stress and emotions.

Your bamboo brush is your best friend for relieving these types of blockages. It’s a cost effective way of receiving a regular acupressure or shiatsu massage.


  1. Do your usual Qigong practice as normal.
  2. Using your Instant Health Massage Brush, massage the inside of your legs on both sides up to your knee and the top of your feet. 
  3. Using your Instant Health Massage Brush massage the area from below the breast to the stomach. If you have stomach issues, the liver point below the breast harmonizes the stomach and gets rid of tension.
  4. After you’ve focused on these two areas continue with the Instant Health Massage as usual. 

Stress and worry can become a habit. So always find a way to pull yourself out of this harmful habit.

  • Find some meditation music that helps you relax. 
  • Connect with your breath throughout the day. 
  • Wear a piece of jade to remind yourself that you are connecting to your peace and health.

Even 30 seconds of calm - 30 seconds when you sit and follow your breath has been shown to relieve stress. 5 minutes of massage. 3 minutes of Qigong. Don’t underestimate what you can do in a short amount of time. It’s really as easy as that!

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