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(28-Day PLAN) Your Shaolin Transformation Workout

Do you want to increase the power and fluidity of your martial arts? Are you unfit and don't know where to start? I've created a 28-Day PLAN for you. If you're unfit or new to Shaolin use my Shaolin Fitness and Wellness program. If you're already training with my programs or do other martial arts and fighting use my Shaolin Burn program. The only piece of equipment you need is a massage brush, a bottle of water and a towel. 

Why 28 Days?

28 days is long enough for you to see a noticeable difference in your mind and body. And short enough for you to stay motivated. 

Before You Begin:

  1. Download the programs or purchase the DVDs. 
  2. Choose where you'll do your Shaolin workout. Whether it's cold, warm, big, small, inside or outside ( my training space in London is my living room),  this is your Shaolin Temple. Make sure there are no distractions. Leave your cell phone at the door! 
  3. Schedule your workout time in advance. Routine is good. If you workout at the same time each day, your body starts to expect it.
  4. Dedicate your training to something that has its hooks in your mind. A worried, anxious mind can't solve problems. Your mind will effortlessly become peaceful, stable and focused when you practice. When you come out of the refuge of your training, you'll be able to deal with your worries with a fresh perspective.
  5. After you've done your training, make a note of what you did so that you can track your progress. It's okay if you can't keep up with the program, you will!
  6.  Train for 5 or 6 days. If you're training for 5 days then skip day 5 and move to day 6.

Click here to get your free PDF Shaolin Transformation Program

Your Shaolin Transformation Program 

1st Week

The 1st week is about getting to know the program. 

Day 1 - 1/2 of Volume 1

Day 2 - 1/2 of Volume 2

Day 3 - 1/2 of Volume 1

Day 4 - 1/2 of Volume 2

Day 5 - 1/2 of Volume 1

Day 6 -  8 Treasures Qigong ( if you don't have this program then do the first movements from my free book. Link at the bottom of the page.)

2nd and 3rd Week

The 2nd and 3rd week is about testing your limits.

Day 1 - Volume 1

Day 2 - Volume 2

Day 3 - Volume 1

Day 4 - Volume 2

Day 5 - Volume 1

Day 6 - 8 Treasures Qigong

4th Week 

In this week know you know the moves, you can workout intensively. 

Day 1 - Volume 2 + repeat 1 of your favorite moves from memory. 

Day 2 - Volume 1 + repeat 1 of your favorite moves from memory.

Day 3 - 8 Treasures Qigong

Day 4 - No DVD today. Run through what you've learnt from memory. 

Day 5 - Volume 1 + repeat 1 of your favorite moves from memory.

Day 6 - Volume 2 + repeat 1 of your favorite moves from memory. 

Shaolin Transformation Program completed. Let me know how you got in!

Shaolin Burn program is available as a DOWNLOAD OR DVD

Shaolin Fitness and Wellness is available as a DOWNLOAD OR DVD

Find out more about the Instant Health Massage.











  • Freddy

    I did this 28 day program. It’s wonderful. I got benefits. So I recommend it. Thank you so much Sifu Yan Lei for share your knowledge. Xie xie.

  • Claudio Fernandes

    Thank you Shifu Yan Lei, I am 33 yrs old, for the past 10+ yrs I haven’t practice any martial art, put weight, got lazy, not fit anymore, etc….. I join your challenge, the first days was so hard(body not used to training) and painful (body aching), but the more I have keep pushing daily and do it, the better and strong I feel, my body is recovering faster, also my mood and energy got better. Thanks for making your videos accessible, and so easy to train from home without needing equipment…. :)

  • BJ Bailey

    Master your the greatest dvds using a long time staying in shape thank you! Your loyal friend and student.

  • bryna

    I look forward to the time when I find The resourcefulness within myself, that I know is there. So, I can start your training. On that note, thank you so much for all of the free information and resources you have provided on your website. ?

  • Andy Wozniak

    Thank you Shifu YanLei for your lessons as always.

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