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Restore and Release  - Qi Massage Bundle with Gua Sha
Restore and Release  - Qi Massage Bundle with Gua Sha

Restore and Release - Qi Massage Bundle with Gua Sha


The Restore And Release  - Qi Massage Bundle is made up of 4 massage tools that are excellent to use after working at a computer, smart phone or tablet all day. 

Wooden star palm massager open the pressure points on the hands and help to relieve pressure on the muscles from repetitive typing and usage of the mouse. Regular use may help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Set of two
  • High quality wood
  • Also good for feet
  • Relieves tension in the muscles

Abode Of Qi Acupressure Neck Massager  rids discomfort in the neck and shoulders, helps to alleviate headaches and works on the acupressure points on the side of the neck.  Massaging 'the abode of Qi' relieves breathing difficulties. Massaging "shoulder well" helps to alleviate pain in the back and shoulders. 'Heavenly window' and 'Heavenly Appearance' pressure points are also located in the neck area. These points help with any soreness in the throat. 

  • Alleviates headaches, 
  • Increase lung energy
  • Massages the acupressure points in the side of the neck
  • Good to relieve tension after working at computers

Yang Valley Hand and Arm Massager is made up of seven circular points on both sides. Use this to massage your hand on both sides and your arms. Good for hand, arm or wrist pain.  points which effectively massage the meridian points in the head. The head massage alleviates hypertension and headaches. In TCM we say head massage clears the heart and pacifies the spirit. Maybe this is why one of the meridian points on our head is called Heavenly Connection. The Yang Valley Hand and Arm Massager is another good tool to use after working at the computer all day.  In TCM we say that massage of the hand and arm promotes general calmness 

  • Alleviates headaches
  • Increase mental energy
  • Calms the mind 
  • Massages the acupressure points in the hand which relate to the organs of the body
  • Relieves tension after working at computers, smart phones or tablets

Gua Sha - Traditional Chinese Massage Stone

This simple flat stone has incredible benefits. It relieves muscle tension, encourages lymphatic drainage, increases blood flow and circulation and helps the Qi to flow. It also works with the connective tissues which means you can get a very deep and precise massage.  Carved from traditional Bian Shi, this stone has a long tradition of being used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Click HERE for more details. 

Restore And Release  - Qi Massage Bundle

  • 4 x items
  • Large Drawstring Carry Bag For Massage Bundle
  • Small Drawstring Bag for Gua Sha