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Your Shaolin Temple Anti Inflammation Workout

Stress fuels inflammation. Inflammation is the hidden cause of many serious illnesses. This is from an article in The New Scientist called “The Fire Inside”. Scientists are discovering why this happens and researching how to prevent it.   

It’s not surprising that some of the main causes of inflammation are stress, pressure and an unhealthy diet, particularly processed food and sugar.

The way to reduce inflammation is through exercise, meditation and mindfulness. Intensive exercise causes a spike in cytokines ( the substance associated with inflammation). Although scientists don’t believe this to be harmful.  At the Shaolin Temple we balance exercise - which we believe is a Yang exercise with Qigong - which we see as a Yin exercise. 

What scientists call fire, we at the Shaolin Temple call Yang. In order for us to be healthy, we believe we need to balance Yin and Yang or heat and cold.

 An anti inflammation workout needs to have two components. You have to do kung fu or some type of workout that raises your heart level and Qigong which is a  Yin workout. For those students who only want to workout or do kung fu, your martial’s arts can’t grow and your martial art’s life will not last as long if you don’t do Qigong. Balancing Yin and Yang is the only way for 100 % health. 

Constantly keeping our inflammation levels in check means that we reduce the illnesses caused by inflammation. We can't stop the ageing process but we can influence it and slow it down. My new workout programs are the perfect combination of Yin and Yang training. They reduce inflammation and stress while increasing fitness, flexibility and internal strength. 

I've created a 28 day Anti Inflammation Workout If you’re new to exercise use these 3 programs: Shaolin Fitness and Wellness Program 1 & 2 and The Essential Shaolin Stretching Program For Ultimate Flexibility

If you’re a seasoned martial artist, fighter or workout regularly, use these 3 programs: Shaolin Burn Volume 1 & 2 and The Essential Shaolin Stretching Program For Ultimate Flexibility

 Fitness and Wellness Program

Do this program 5 days a week, for once a month. Follow the DVD as much as you can. Don’t worry if you can’t keep up, by the end of the month, you’ll be able to. 

Walk 10 thousand steps a day.

Day 1 Fitness and Wellness 1. Day 2 Fitness and Wellness 2

Day 3 The Essential Shaolin Stretching Program For Ultimate Flexibility. Day 4 Fitness and Wellness 1. Day 5 Fitness and Wellness 2

Shaolin Burn Program

Do this program 5 days a week, for once a month.  Warm up with a 5k run. 

Day 1 Shaolin Burn 1. Day 2 Shaolin Burn 2. Day 3 The Essential Shaolin Stretching Program For Ultimate Flexibility. Day 4 Shaolin Burn 1. Day 5 Shaolin Burn 2

These programs are also available as downloads. The DVDS are 0 format and will play on most DVD players. We ship to most countries around the world. I am happy to have students in: Iceland, Saudi Arabia, Greenland, Canada, USA, France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Thailand, Japan, Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Spain, Holland. Happy Training! 


  • Alan E Taylor

    I have been training with Shifu Yan Lei’s books and DVD’s for at least 10 years. Prior to that I had practiced Qi Gong for thirty years. (From books I had brought from America) I find using Yan Lei’s system along with meditation helps me keep many ageing processes at bay. I practice daily along with the bamboo brush which is an amazing piece of equipment.

  • Phil Hooper

    Keep it all coming. Can’t get round to doing all of it. But what I’ve learned over the last few years, perseverance pays off. Keep doing (all) of the excersises and one day your body will crave for more. I’m 56 and have never been so supple, if I stop, my body does too. Please teach us some more form.

  • Ron

    I am disabled and in a wheelchair from injuries I received 40 years ago when I was in the Army. Is there anything a 58 year old disabled man can do?
    Thank you for your time

  • Thomas Hewitt

    Thank you Shifu for your valuable information where can I buy the dvd and book I train each day in martial arts and qi gong thank you from my heart

  • Jose

    Thank you for your valuable information and for all your help.

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