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Whether You Want To Get Energized Or Need To Destress, The Shaolin Temple Have A Workout For You

Whether you want a challenging workout, the hardest workout in your life or something to ease your stress, these Shaolin Temple Workouts have got you covered.  

If you need an energy boost, try Energy Boost Morning and Stress Bust Evening Workout

Moving your body first thing in the morning and last thing at night means that your energy levels are high for the day and the evening workout will lead you to a better sleep.  This workout engages the mind and body in a traditional form of exercise that burns up the stress hormones, and generates the feel-good neurotransmitters that promote wellbeing. 

If you're battling brain fog, try Novice Shaolin Monk 20 Day Workout

Movements that require flow and reaction challenge your brain and stimulate the growth of new neurological pathways. These Shaolin forms originate from nature and tap into our wired-in instinct to move with flow. They work on our centre of gravity and flexibility, things that are natural when we're children but diminish as we move into adulthood.  

If you're feeling stressed, try Transformation 1


This is the program I created during lockdown to help me get through the stress. An incredibly tough workout. It boosts your endorphins into high gear, beating out any fight-or-flight feelings and profoundly lifts your mood. Not for beginners!


If you need to destress, try Longevity Qigong

On days when you're feeling tired or feel you need to give your body a break, do some Qigong to restore your body. We can't just use the knife, we have to sharpen it. Qigong is the sharpening of the knife. It can also help you feel more mindful, which allows your brain to relax and let go of some of the worries you’ve been holding onto all day. If you want a more advanced practice then move onto Bone Marrow Cleansing Qigong. 


More details of the best way to learn these authentic teachings can be found in my article: Your Personal Shaolin Workout Plan.

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  • Alan E Taylor

    For 10/15 years since I found your books and DVD’s I have trained every day I also use the bamboo brush. I am 74 now and I believe the training keeps me young and healthy. I walk up 7 miles with my dog. The training keeps my mind positive. Alan E Taylor. Many Blessings Shifu.

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