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How To Use Your Weakness To Make Your Body Stronger

We all have a weakness. My weakness is my feet. They are flat and through my training life I’ve had to find ways to work with the pain. Weakness is good because it makes us a stronger person and a stronger martial artist. The trick is to not ignore it but find a way to become stronger than our weakness.

Shaolin training acts like a mirror. It shows us our weaknesses. And just as a broken bone becomes stronger, we too can use our weakness to strengthen our mind and body. Shaolin uses 100 % of our body and mind. This is why it’s so challenging. Our daily workout is a small win every day and those small wins enrich our life and give us confidence. 

I have many workout programs on my website because if we do the same workout week in week out then our body will reach a plateau and our martial arts will stop being effective. This means our martial arts stops growing.

Next week I will be in China shooting my new book. I’ve been training hard so that we will get the best photos possible. And I thought I’d share my workout with you.  

I've been doing the workouts from Shaolin Circuit Training. I start with a run. Over the last month I started off doing an 8k run and I’m now doing a 12k run. I do this 5 times a week. With my body warm from the run I do Circuit Training then in the afternoon I do some bag work and in the evening I do Qigong and finish off with the Instant Health Massage Brush which I do with the metal brush.  

The Qigong for Upper and Lower Body uses static stamina to strengthen and lengthen the muscles while working on opening the inner channels of the body. Even if you don’t do the Circuit Training Workout, this will make you sweat. A lot! And your arms and legs will shake. Don’t worry. As you get stronger internally, the sweat will get less.

I suggest you dothe Circuit Training program. Always finish off with the Instant Health Massage. If you do this 5- 6 days a week, it will help you to get lean. Let me know how you get on.




    Many people have changed their life just by following Master Shifu Yan Lei. Thanks to him.

    Shaolin Master

  • Davina

    Dear Shifu Yan Lei,
    I wanted to say how much I admire your focus and knowledge, and I’m extremely grateful to have had your guidance in my early stages of returning to martial arts study. Thank you.

  • Dr Jim

    After 40 plus years of training, I also see my underlying imperfections as a blessing to my daily training sessions. Without the need to affirm and rebalance these imperfection, I am sure not sure the depth of my path would be as enlightening or I would have had the tenacity to continue my journey of self awareness. Our weaknesses are our blessings.





  • Daniel Espinosa

    Thank you for you efforts to help people
    Daniel Espinosa (onearmfighter)

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