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The 2 Essential Elements Of Every Workout

There's a mistaken belief that Qigong is only a gentle workout. Qigong oxygenates our organs and muscles. Then we need to use our muscles and organs, especially our heart and lungs. This is why we mix Qigong with stamina training. It can be running, boxing or martial arts. But it needs to be something that makes our heart beat faster for a sustained length of time.

When we stretch our leg. There’s no strength, power or quickness of movement unless we use our leg. This is why we do the 5 Fundamental Kicks and add in some fighting kicks for balance and speed. 

When we do a push up, we follow it with stretching the arms or doing some Qigong. We train our body and then we use our body. These are the two essential ways in which we transform our body. 

But transform it to what? Well, that depends on your start point. If you’re already training then you’ll be getting closer to the martial artist you want to be. If you’re starting from zero then you’ll begin to get a little bit stronger each day, a little fitter, and a little less stiff. 

Our bodies have an instinctive need to move. For many people, this instinct has been turned off. Training, turns it back on again.

In this month’s masterclass - Transformation Warrior - the focus is on transformation. Your transformation. Real training for real life. Through mixing it up and changing the amount of time and days that we train, we break through our metabolic, mental and and fitness barriers.

I’ll be training alongside you. If you don’t feel comfortable, you don’t need to have your camera on. But it’s a good feeling that at this time, we show up and train together and support each other in our transformation, one punch at a time! 

This video gives an example of some of the movements we'll be doing. For more details on my Masterclass click HERE.

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