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Five Hearts

1 The Heart of Belief “Use your mind and heart to believe”

When we practice Shaolin, we need to believe that these exercises can help. If we don’t believe these teachings can help then it’s best not to do them. Faith is like a seed from which positive things can grow but if faith is not there, it’s as if the seed is burnt, therefore nothing can grow.

2 The Heart of Connection “Focus mind and heart with body”

We all have a monkey mind. If we don't tame our monkey, we are not in control, our monkey is, and we don't want our life led by a monkey! The way to train it is to focus on the breath and the movement together. Don’t allow your concentration to be coloured by a desire for a feeling in the practice.  Just breathe and do. And when you do have a feeling, don’t get carried away by pride. Any effort in your practice should be directed from achievement to non-achievement.

3. The Heart of Loyalty “Be loyal to your practice. Use your willpower to develop belief and focus”
In the beginning, our faith may be weak but if we stay loyal to your practice and use our willpower to keep going then our faith will strengthen and our practice will become a habit which will become a part of our life.

4. The Heart of Peace “Make your mind and body peaceful so you can understand yourself”
Emotions change the rhythm of our breathing. Think about how we breathe when we’re angry or anxious. If we’re peaceful then our breathing is even and natural, and the peaceful nature of our practice will spread like water into all aspects of our life. 

5. The Heart of Skill 'Become everything you do. Enjoy the moment’
In the beginning, our practice doesn’t have much feeling but after awhile our body starts to understand and then we need to recognise this and use our mind and body to cultivate it. The aim of our Qigong practice is to gain a deeper understanding of ourself.

“Let your life become a meditation”

This is an extract from Shifu's book: Instant Health: The Shaolin Qigong Workout for Longevity

Shifu teaches a masterclass on Longevity Qigong and an online program


  • Jennifer

    I appreciate 🙏 💛 your wisdom and insight. Keep going! Your work is inspiring and I will continue to cheer you on!!

  • Toni Guglielmino

    I have your book, Shifu. It is a milestone for my daily practice

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