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Covid Recovery: 3 Things from the Shaolin Temple That May Help

I’ve received a lot of emails from students who’ve contracted Covid and want to know what they can do to help with their recovery.  This workout and guidance is designed for people who are feeling tired after contracting Covid. If the tiredness continues more than a few weeks, this may be Long Covid. This article in the New York Times explains what Long Covid is and why it needs a different approach. 

Covid attacks every organ in the body which is why someone will complain of brain fog, while another person has aching muscles, and another person has headaches or cold like symptoms, and some people have no symptoms at all. It’s different for everyone. But what’s important is what it feels like for you.  If you’re tired or feeling unwell, take time to allow your body to fully recover. Don’t rush into your everyday life immediately. 

Get Your Circulation Moving

Many people have complained of feeling sick when they bend over or move too quickly. I’ve created a gentle workout from Shaolin Temple Qigong movements. It’s less than ten-minutes long, and will help to increase your circulation, open your chest and stimulate your lung energy.  Alongside this workout, it’s good to do short walks outside. 

Acupressure Massage

Just as in the West, you use Vick and Lemsip, in traditional Chinese families we use acupressure massage. My mother would always massage me when I got sick with a cold or the flu. Don’t worry if you have zero acupuncture training,  acupressure massage is instinctive and you’ll be able to feel the places in your body that are tender.  If you don’t have a Gua Sha stone, use your fingers or even a teaspoon to penetrate the points more. If you’re using a Gua Sha, for added effectiveness, use an oil with essential oils in to help with breathing. I use Dr Hauschka Lemongrass oil.

The specific places to massage are:

The inside of the leg from the knee down to the ankle

The  side of the neck and the points around the back of the ear. (This helps with the vagus nerve which can be effected by Covid). 

The two lung points on either side of the chest. 

The centre of the chest and at the base of the neck.

The point between the base of your thumb and index finger. 

 If you have a bamboo brush, do a full Instant Health massage every other day. If you don’t have the energy to do it, get someone to do it on you.


Chinese people drink hot water. Even if we’re not unwell, we think it’s good for our body. I know that Western people tend not to like hot water but at least drink water that is room temperature. Stay away from ice. Drink a good quality green tea. You can add a few Goji Berries to the tea to sweeten it.

All of this is advice is not a replacement for medical advice. In China, we use modern medicine alongside Traditional Chinese Medicine like moxibustion, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and the 8 Treasures Qigong.  A combined approach, I believe, is the best way.

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