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Break Your Limitations

When a student comes to me for training, I never teach the same thing as I teach another student. I teach them depending on their need. What does their body need? What does their mind need?

Admittedly, this can be a hard question to ask when you’re training by yourself with my programs. Because what you think you need, may not be what you actually need. The most common mistake that people make is either training too hard or training too softly. Or putting limitations on themselves and believing they can’t do something.  But the whole point of our practice is to balance our body. Using Qigong and Kung Fu means we’re strengthening ourselves internally so that we can do things we may have not thought possible before.
Our aim is to de-limit ourselves. 

One of the limitations we put on ourselves is time. Once you’ve thoroughly learnt the movements in my online programs, you no longer need them. Think of my programs like a walking stick. Once you’ve learnt them, you can walk by yourself. And begin to mix up what you’ve learnt.

This is an example:

High Intensity Interval Training is great to do if you’re pushed for time.  Research has shown that it can keep your metabolic rate higher for longer. It can be done by people of all ages as long as you have a basic level of fitness. All you need is a stopwatch. Some people recommend a heart rate monitor. Last year I got an Apple Watch but I used to sweat so much that it kept stopping so now I’m back to using my instinct. 
Nothing is necessary. 
Another limitation. 

  1. Warm up your body with some running, skipping or easy Kung Fu movements that get your circulation going.
  2. Do the 5 Fundamental Kicks from Novice Monk or fighting kicks from Circuit Training. Push yourself for 3 minutes. Kicks work the whole body and are a great stamina booster. I got into my best shape ever with my 1000 Kick Challenge Program. 
  3. Recover for 30 seconds.
  4. Repeat x 4
  5. Stretch.
  6. Finish with 5 minutes of Qigong and a quick Instant Health massage.

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  • Maureen Powell

    Excellent instruction. Thank you!!!

  • Toni Guglielmino

    Dear Shifu, your words are like basic stones for my training. I thank you so much.

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