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Am I Training Correctly?

I created my programs to share my more than thirty years knowledge of Shaolin. My life has been transformed by my practice and I hope that my programs can transform your life too.

Of course learning without direct feedback from a teacher has its drawbacks. For example, if you are doing something incorrectly then there is no one there to tell you and correct you. So it's a good idea to keep checking your movements and your forms and even to video them so you can see how they compare to mine or my students who train with me.

How do I know if I'm training correctly?

I can see if students are training just by looking at them. Everyone who trains in Shaolin looks younger than their years, are more grounded, their reactions are quick. Even within a few weeks of dedicated practice, students transform. I've seen this with students who train with my programs and come for a check up as well as students who train one2one.  So check yourself, do I look younger? Do I feel more grounded and confident? If the answer is no, then you need to find where you're going wrong.

How hard should I push myself with your kung fu programs?

I recommend you start training with my Novice Monk Shaolin online course or my Shaolin Workout DVDs then progress to The Qi of Stamina DVDs which include Bootcamp, Circuit Training and Shaolin Burn. All of these programs are also available as downloads.  

If you're training to be a martial artist then you need to train 6 days a week. You can alternate these DVDs , as you advance do less workout and more Bootcamp and Circuit Training. Take a day to slow down and check your form and your stances. There should be no pain when you train. You will ache the next day, if you don't then you're not pushing yourself enough.

Your stances should get deeper, you should become more flexible and your stamina should be as good as a boxer in training. Check your stamina, time yourself. Do my running exercise below and keep pushing yourself safely. A martial artist is in tune with their body so as you train, your bodies wisdom will take over. 

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