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Activate Your Body's Maximum Potential

I entered the Shaolin Temple 38 years ago when I was 14. It’s important to me that I continue to have a beginner’s mind and feel inspired to train. I do a martial arts challenge at least once a year. It allows me to push myself beyond my limits and see how much further I can go. With my Ultimate Stretching program, I got more flexible. With my Transformation 1 and 2, I got fitter and stronger.

Whatever the focus or challenge, the lesson is the same. Focusing for a specific number of days where we strongly emphasise our practice creates a significant change in our mind and body.

Transformation is an overused word, but all it means is there’s a before and an after. Your body doesn’t lie. Shaolin Martial Arts emphasises listening to the wisdom of our body. What is it telling us? Challenges help us to break through and activate our body’s maximum potential.
This is the first time I’ve done a Live Challenge. Training together adds a level of commitment and community as we all train together. I’ve extended the 50% discount until the 30th September. Join us!

Click HERE to join The 30-Day Shaolin Challenge

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