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Transformation Amulet - Snake

Transformation Amulet - Snake


The snake is a member of "The 5 Poisonous Animals", which includes the scorpion, centipede, spider and toad. The Chinese believe that the wearing of a snake counteracts poison or bad luck by combating poison with poison. As a snake sheds its skin, the snake also symbolises transformation. The snake is worn as a lucky charm.

In this beautiful hand carving, the snake is hand carved into a piece of Gobi jade stone. 

  • Cord intricately laced with medium sized jade beads.
  • Snake
  • Cord length approx. 27cm.
  • Limited edition. Only one available. 

The price reflects the quality of the jade and the quality of the carving. Because these pieces are formed from the natural rock, each piece is unique and there is no one piece which is the same. The pictures are for guidance and there may be slight differences from the photos. The dimensions are approximate. Unless stated otherwise, all pieces are suitable for men and women.