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Fire Agate -  Wrist Mala -

Fire Agate - Wrist Mala


This striking fire agate wrist mala is interspersed with small black beads. Agate promotes inner stability. It has a warm, protective quality. It is a stone of relaxation. It can help to calm and balance our body. Fire Agate helps the endocrine and nervous system. Wrist males remind us to stay mindful and peaceful. Suitable for a male wrist. Limited edition, only 3 available. 

  • Fire Agate wrist mala
  • Elasticated chord 
  • Suitable for a male wrist
  • Only 3 available 

The price reflects the quality of the jade and the quality of the carving. Because these pieces are formed from the natural rock, each piece is unique and there is no one piece which is the same. The pictures are for guidance and there may be slight differences from the photos. The dimensions are approximate. Unless stated otherwise, all pieces are suitable for men and women.