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Window Of Heaven - Traditional Massage Set
Window Of Heaven - Traditional Massage Set
Window Of Heaven - Traditional Massage Set
Window Of Heaven - Traditional Massage Set

Window Of Heaven - Traditional Massage Set


Every time I go to China, I always get a Gua Sha massage. Since lockdown I've started to do my own Gua Sha massage at home. When you get it done professionally, it's acutely painful and your skin tends to redden and go black. When you do a self Gua Sha massage, the pressure is firm but not painful. This way you don't need any formal training, you can be intuitive.  It's safe to use on your whole body including your head and your face. 

Body Gua Sha 

This simple flat stone has incredible benefits. It relieves muscle tension, encourages lymphatic drainage, draws out toxins and increases blood flow and circulation. It also works with the connective tissues which means you can get a very deep and precise massage.   

Reflexology Gua Sha

The needle shape allows you to activate your body's reflexology points on the hands and feet.  Chinese foot reflexology is a great way to de-stress and it's also a powerful therapeutic massage that can stimulate and energise the whole body. By intensely stimulating the reflex points on the feet Chinese foot reflexology can help to clear energy blockages in the body. 

Comb Gua Sha

Combing is a traditional Chinese self-healing treatment. Our internal organs all have a connection to the head, via the meridian channels. Combing gently stimulates the meridians via the multiple acupressure points and helps the Qi to flow. Great to relieve tension headaches and incredibly relaxing. It can also be used on the whole body. 

Precision Needle Gua Sha

This stone can be used in the a similar way to an acupuncture needle to target specific acupuncture points. Each meridian is linked to an organ. Precision Needle helps rebalance these organ It's particularly good to use for eye strain from working at a computer all day.

These massage tools can be used together or on alternate days depending on your body needs. They all work as a self acupressure or Tui Na, working on the meridian lines in the body and helping the Qi to flow. Self massage is a vital tool for mind and body health. 

How to Use

  • Apply a small amount of massage oil on the area you will work on.
  • Use the waves of the stone as a needle to massage the connective tisssues, tendons, and any pressure points that feel tender. 
  • 'Scrape' the skin backwards and forwards to increase circulation.


  • 100% Jade
  • Jade Gua Sha
  • Jade Precision Needle Gua Sha
  • Jade Reflexology Gua Sha
  • Zen Massage Box 
  • Limited Availability
  • Price includes shipping via courier from China. 

Fragile, Handle with Care. Clean with warm water and skin friendly soap. This is a natural stone. Like all stones, some chipping or scratching may appear on the stone. This does not affect the effectiveness.