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Manjushri Key Ring
Manjushri Key Ring

Manjushri Key Ring


When I was a student at the Shaolin Temple, my master used to joke that it was only advertising companies and Buddhists who studied the mind. The advertising companies study our minds to find out what slogans and images will increase our desire to buy the products they are selling, while Buddhists study the mind to help them become closer to the Buddha. Both know the power of images. Images work unconsciously on our mind and we are bombared with thousands of them every day.

The Shaolin Temple have many images of Buddha. We choose these powerful images as a reminder to have a positive mental outlook and keep training. Manjushri is the Buddha of wisdom. His right hand holds a sword, which cuts through ignorance.

  • Manjushri carved into wood 
  • Zen writing on each side
  • Limited Edition