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The Way Of Qigong Vol. 2 (Download) -

The Way Of Qigong Vol. 2 (Download)


The Xi Sui Jing (Bone Marrow Cleansing) Qigong form is attributed to the Bodhidharma who not only founded Ch’an (Zen) Buddhism but also designed a series of Qigong exercises to improve the health and strength of the monks that studied with him.

In this download Shifu Yan Lei takes you step by step through this powerful sitting form, explaining each movement in detail. He also teaches the vibrational massage techniques to rejuvenate and dramatically strengthen the body. The Bone Marrow Cleansing Qigong cleanses toxins from the body, and purifies the brain and nervous system. Once this form is mastered it can be practiced alongside Ee Jin Jing (Muscle/Tendon changing classic).

Also available as a DVD in PAL and NTSC format.

  • 998.4mb .mp4
  • English
  • 4:3 aspect ratio (720 x 576)
  • 60 mins