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Yi Jin Ying ( Muscle/Tendon Changing) Qigong

“Bodhidharma travelled to the East to teach these two Yi Jin and Xi Sui classics. A bird like the crane is able to live long, an animal like the fox can be immortal, a human who cannot learn from these classics is worse than the birds and animals.”

Yi Jin Ying is a natural progression from the 8 Treasures Qigong. As I get older, I’m drawn to these Qigong forms because our ancestors taught us that they are a natural way to prevent our body from ageing. From the very basic level of shifting our centre of gravity so we continue to stay agile in our old age, to the strengthening of our muscles and tendons to lessen their shrinkage, to the harmonisation of our internal organs so that our body works at its optimum. With an optimal working body, our mind is happy and peaceful.  

I don’t drive but many of my friends do, and when they get their car serviced, they tell me that it drives more efficiently and with less effort. This is the same with our body. Our internal organs are the engine. If we are internally weak, our car will not drive efficiently. Yi Jin Jing fine tunes our body. It gives our muscle and tendons power and quality. It stimulates the meridians in the same way that acupressure or acupuncture would, and as a result we have an increase in energy.

Technology is supposed to save us time but it can potentially kill our time by damaging our body. We need an antidote or a medicine to prevent this from happening. Yi Jin Ying restores and nourishes our body.

This form uses the same type of static tension we use in the 8 Treasures Qigong.  There is power to the movement. I really want my students to understand the health philosophy of the Shaolin Temple. You can’t just do internal training like Qigong and you can’t just do external training like Kung Fu or any other aerobic exercise. For true health, you need to combine authentic Qigong with external training. It’s very important to understand this and incorporate it into your workout.

This is why in my Yi Yin Ying online course, I don’t just teach this form, I also teach some external training so that you can discover for yourself, how your Qigong practice gives an effortless power to your Kung Fu. You can then use this power with any activity that you do.

My Yi Yin Jing online course is suitable for all levels. Click HERE to find out more and register.


  • Dolinar Jesse

    Thank you for your instruction!

  • Tom Thum

    I want to learn muscle tendon change iron body and iron hand

  • James Aulinger

    Hello Shifu, How long should I train with The 8 Treasures before progressing to the other forms of Qigong? I am enjoying the 2 programs.

  • P.Just

    As a military combat veteran with severe PTSD, I started emailing and working with Shifu Yan Lei about three years ago thru various emails and his dvds, I have attained alot more peace than before but would love to be able to train with him directly to attain the way of shaolin.
    Thank you so much for the enlightenment I have attained so far.
    P.Just Sr

  • David Simms

    I have been doing Qigong and Tai Chi for over 40 years and has we get older we learn on the path of the Dao in which we meet other people on the same path and also learn from them;thank you for your time and useful teaching.D.Simms

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