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Why Your Workout Gives Meaning To Your Life

Shaolin Martial Arts is not just a workout. It’s the heart of Zen. Latest research is showing that any exercise we do ( it doesn’t have to be martial arts)  influence our sense of purpose in life and helps to give our life meaning. 

In the West we tend to separate the mind from the body whereas at the Shaolin Temple of Zen, we know that this separation can lead to a sense of dis-ease. And so one of the goals of our practice  is to bring the mind and body together.

Our body has needs, not just our mind.

Study after study has found that if we workout, we are less likely to suffer from anxiety or depression. If I’m feeling anxious or worried. I like to be challenged when I’m stressed. Where as for someone else, anxiety may mean they want to do Qigong and more internal exercises. We’re all different which is why we need to listen to our body. What is it saying? 

Zen can be interpreted in many different ways. And the word may put some people off. But it’s very simple. We bring our heart and mind together in one place. This gives us a sense of purpose and our life a deeper meaning. Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong are the tools that Shaolin Monks have used for thousands of years to connect themselves to the spacious energy of Zen.  

Even if we don’t embrace the philosophy of Zen, the movements automatically and effortlessly harmonise our mind and body. We enter the flow, our nervous system is calmed and our energy is optimised.

And just as our mind is connected to our body, our workout is connected to our life. This is why it can give a deeper meaning to our life.

Make your workout your habit and then you don’t need willpower and it becomes a part of your life. Here’s how:

  1. Choose one of my online programs.
  2. Stick with it. Schedule a minimum of 3 times a week, preferably at the same times.
  3. See for yourself what changes happen for you. 


  • Maarten

    Thank you for sharing. From my own experience with different martial arts, breathing and exposure exercises, as well as (online) training with Shifu for three years now, I can confirm that this is totally true! And it is never to late to start!

  • Ishan das

    Thank for sharing your your wisdom. I am old man now. 77 years. Just beginning Qigong for 1 year. 3 treasures: body, breath and mind. Cultivating better posture, better moral, better inspiration, new ideas, more courage. Life is changing in very good ways. Respect to Shift, Ishan das

  • Neil Davies

    Totally agree. Exercise, training and working out is not just great for your body but your mindset as well. Far better, in fact, than swallowing pills.

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