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What Makes You A Martial Artist?

What's the difference between the training of someone who exercises regularly and the training of a martial artist? Body builders may look strong but be inflexible. Yoga practioners may be flexible but ask him or her to perform a kung fu kick and they have no power or speed. This is one of the reasons why there are a variety of Shaolin exercises and forms. We train our whole body in a very focused way so every exercise we do increases power, speed, flexibility, endurance, and reaction time

The Power Of Qi

At the Shaolin Temple we build up our fitness level from our inside out, not from the outside in. Fitness is much more than good stamina. Strength is much more than being able to lift heavy weights.

The power of your martial art's comes from the power of your Qi. Qigong enhances the power of all the external training you have done, awakening the energy matrix of your body.

 The Power of the Mind

Many athletes especially long distance runners and cyclists know that it is their mind as much as their body that gets them through the race. Once their mind has given up then they too will give up and they won’t be able to continue and complete or win the race. Shaolin Monks use the philosophy of Zen to power them through challenging workouts. 

This combination of training which is unique to martial arts is what makes you a martial artist and only by training in this very specific way can you realize your body’s true, natural potential. 

Click HERE to find out more about Shaolin Novice Monk training. 



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