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Natural Zen

Shaolin Temple Kung Fu and Qigong come from nature and our without technique. The movements and the breath of Qi are designed to help us recognize our inner nature. 

Water naturally flows. It doesn’t need to be pushed or shaped; this is the same with our practice. It is not artificial. It is not thinking. We simply let ourselves be natural. Then our body harmonises with our mind, and we experience life as it really is without the confusion. 

When we first begin, our mind strays with every thought, but the more we practice, the more we become stable. Thoughts naturally dissolve into the movements. Our ordinary mind is like the space within a tightly closed fist. Our practice opens our mind and gives us a more expansive mind. 

This can only come from you. Your journey. Your practice. It doesn’t come from theory. Reading a prescription will not make us better. You need to take the medicine. You need to practice. And this is why all of my programs and teachings focus on your practice, and not mine. 

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