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Make Your Health a Priority in 2020

7 ways to make your health a priority in 2020

  • Set Health Goals - Write out your wellness, emotional and health challenges. Make an action plan as to how you can improve in each area. Each month, check in and track the changes.
  • Remind Yourself Why - Our Shaolin Ancestors said: Guard your health when you are not sick. Using medicine once you are ill is a fall back measure. Regular practice of Shaolin Qigong makes illness a stranger.
  • Access Your Inner Buddha - Next time you take your coffee or tea break, use this time to meditate so your daily routine is peppered with 5 minutes of calm.

Massage brush for Qigong and Shiatsu

  • Give Yourself a Daily Massage  - I often use the Instant Health massage brush throughout the day. Focusing on one just one part of my body or particular meridian lines.  Massage on the inside of your leg from your knee to your ankle. This is the liver channel which tends to get blocked when we're busy or stressed. It may be tender but as you continue to massage,  after a few days, you'll notice that it starts to unblock and your body will work more harmoniously.
  • Workout in Different Ways - Our bodies are lazy and get used to the workouts that we do so do a completely different workout or vary the routine of your workout and the speed and intensity
  • Do Nothing - You already are what you want to become is one of the Buddhist teachings. There's a lot of focus on doing and achieving but spending time doing nothing is a surprising  battery charger for our mind and bod
  • Reset and Renew - Give yourself time for Qigong. For energy, do the 8 Treasures in the morning, and to destress, do Qigong Volume 2 sitting Qigong in the evening. 

Let me know how you get on in the comments below. 


  • Fiona Thomson

    Just those 7 are such good reminders for me! Thank you

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