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Is Your Martial Art’s Making You Gain Weight?

Whenever I go back to China to see my family, I always gain weight. The combination of great food ( my sister’s a fantastic cook) and less training means I easily put weight on. 

Lift a 3kg weight and it feels light but if you carry this 3kg weight around all day it soon becomes heavy.  Our metabolism - the rate at which we burn calories - starts to slow down from the age of twenty-five. This means that the martial arts you were doing last year is not going to be as effective for your metabolism this year. We all want to be at our peak weight. But this isn’t possible if we do the same workout year after year. 

I’ve created a metabolic reset which I use every time I come back to the UK. This workout is not for beginners but for seasoned martial artists of any discipline. Do this workout three- four times a week and you’ll shred fat, gain stamina and as a result your chosen martial art will benefit dramatically.

Research by University of Western Ontario showed that doing 4 to 6 30-second sprints burns more fat than 60 minutes of incline treadmill walking. High Intensity Training and Circuit Training are proven to be the best way to burn fat and they continue to burn fat even after you’ve finished your workout. 

My Shaolin Circuit Training gives you the same intensity of a sprint but with martial arts moves. Much cheaper than joining a gym or a class, you follow along with me in the privacy of your own home ( you just need a space the size of a yoga mat). This is the workout I do when I come back from China and within a few weeks I’m back to my peak weight.

Find out more about my Circuit Training DVDs by clicking here or my Circuit Training downloads by clicking here and here.

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