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Increase Your Energy With A Bamboo Massage Brush

Bamboo beater

Last week I had one of my online students come to train with me so I could check what she had learned. She was doing the Instant Health Massage incorrectly which has what prompted me to write this article.

The Instant Health Massage is incredibly effective for tight muscles. It helps the lymph, blood and circulation to flow while unblocking and opening the meridian lines. If you’ve ever gone for a professional massage, it often can hurt. But afterwards, your body feels open and relaxed. It’s exactly the same with this massage.

In order for this massage to work, you need to use power. How much power? Even if you don’t do Qigong you should feel energised by this massage. When you wake in the morning, before you get dressed, do the Instant Health Massage. If you feel energised afterwards you’re doing it correctly, if you don’t then you need to use more power.

Qigong self massage

I spent along time working with my manufacturer in China to get the correct weight of brush and the optimum length of bamboo on my bamboo beater. If the brush is too light, it simply won’t work. If the bamboo rods don’t have enough density then they won’t give the optimal massage. We use this brush not for tapping but to give the body a massage that will open the body and energise it.

You need to find the optimal amount of power for you. Your skin should be a little bit red after the massage. There should be some pain but not too much. You know you’ve got it right when you feel lighter after the massage and energised. Why do you feel energised? Because your body is flowing. This impacts your immune system and gives you better health and more energy throughout the day.

Bamboo beater massage tool

I teach how to use this brush on most of my teaching programs including Novice Monk, and Beginner's Qigong. Once you have this brush, it should last about a year and a half depending on how much you use it. The brush must never be shared but only used by one person for hygiene and safety reasons.

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