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(How To) Never Give Up

When we begin something new, the first step is commitment. Not allowing ourselves or other people to dissuade us from our goal. It’s better to start off slowly and progress gradually. Being too ambitious at the start can make us loose faith and give up.

Aim for simplicity. Staying in one place means you can find gold. But if you constantly move around and try different things, you’re never going to get to the gold.
So just decide to do it and do it. 
Don’t think too much. 
Don’t try and gather information. Let your body become its own doctor and give you this information.

At the Shaolin Temple we receive a minimal of teaching. The focus is on our training. Our teacher doesn’t answer the questions for us, we have to find them ourselves. Then we have something real. We have our own experience.

This is why all of my online programs start by teaching and move onto training. We train together.  This gives you muscle memory and body wisdom. We work from the body to the mind. Not from the mind to the body.  
A great Indian Buddhist master, Atisha, said, “Be your own teacher”. In order to do this we follow this process:

I recently got an email from my student who informed me that he’s been studying with my books and DVDs for fifteen years and it’s helping him mentally and physically. This made me happy. I dedicate this article to him.

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  • Alan E Taylor

    Thank you Shifu, I was overwhelmed by your dedication. Those words will keep me going. Amitofo.

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