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Let Go And Feel Good With Qigong And Kung Fu

The aim of the physical training we do at the Shaolin Temple is to lead us to Zen. In our hectic lives, our minds become busy. Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong cuts the circle of thought. It turns off unnecessary thinking and restores our mind to its un-fragmented origin. 

Before you begin your Shaolin Workout, take a couple of  breaths and tell yourself to let go. Let go of your name, and who you think you are, and what's occupying your mind. This is called leaving being and entering nonbeing. It's a place of non judgemental stillness.

Your body is wise. When it was a baby, it knew how much milk it needed and how much sleep it needed. When you train, don't do anything. Let the training train you.

Whenever I feel worried or under pressure I go and workout. This doesn't mean I'm not taking care of my worries but I know that a worried mind can't think clearly.

If I'm very worried than I'll do circuit training so that my body is challenged to the limit. I finish off with Qigong and the Instant Health Massage and I'm centered again. It's as if I've take a short vacation from my day to day life. I feel relaxed and spacious. I'm in a great place now to deal with my problems. 

Letting go is underrated.  Only when we let go can things come to us. A closed hand receives nothing. A worried mind is like a person running a hundred miles but it not amounting to one step. A Shaolin Warrior covers a thousand miles with one step.

I make my Shaolin Programs so that you can access this awakened mind. 


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