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How To Get The Body Of A Martial Artist

Every week I receive many emails from students. There are two questions I get asked the most:

  1. What do I eat?
  2.  How do I get my body? 

Most people assume I do weight lifting. This isn't true. Every now and again I may lift whatever's lying around and incorporate it into my workout but my main workout is 100% Shaolin.

Right now I'm training to make new DVDs. I will film 4 workouts a day for two days under hot lights so I need to be fitter than the exercises I'm teaching. In order to do this, every morning I run 10 or 12 k in my local park. I then do the Fundamental Moves from my Kung Fu Book and some circuit training from both of my circuit training DVDs. In the afternoon I do Qigong from my Upper and Lower Body DVDs, and in the evening, I teach private sessions and, if I have time, do some Iron Shirt or pad work with one of my students.

If you want to get a body like mine it's very simple. Focus on two things: your martial arts and your stamina. I've put together these four DVDs in a special bundle so you can start your training. Don't waste your time doing exercises that won't progress your martial arts. And don't think too much, just do! Action is what counts. Train a minimum of 5 times a week. 

Every exercise that a Shaolin Martial Artists does works many muscles at the same time, shifts our centre of gravity, improves flexibility, strengthens us from the inside out, increases our longevity while making our body work as a whole. This, for me, is a better result than having a nice looking body. 

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  • Gary Humphries

    I’ve trained every day for the last five years. I feel like a twenty year old… Shifu yan lei has been a huge influence in my life from our first meeting

  • Jeremy Tron

    Nice message and life guidance!! I pretty think the same, in my own way, and I do too think that everyday training is most essential for human’s life. Too many people are deep in their capitalism routine they don’t care about their body, until it’s too late. #freeyoursoul #masterthetraining #nopainnogain #trainharder #calistheniclifestyle #workwithyourownbodyweight #shaolinfansincealways

  • Andre burnett

    how to training body to be come a shaolin monk I am 50

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