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How Shaolin Monks Massage Their Way to Good Health

Shaolin Monks don't have massage therapists and physio therapists. They use a simple bamboo brush to alleviate tight muscles, keep them at optimum health and give power to their training. But the Instant Health massage isn't just for people who do Shaolin Qigong and Kung Fu. The benefits are for everyone.

The bamboo brush is great to use after a shower or bath when the body is slightly warm. You can personalise the massage according to your body's needs, focusing on specific problems so that you always have a balanced pain free body.   

Here's 6 Ways Shaolin Monks Massage Their Way to Good Health:

  1. Reduce Cortisol - We all know that stress increase cortisol and this has a potentially damaging effect on our mind and body. The Instant Health Massage is a very effective way to ease our stress. It helps to shift the body from a fight or flight mode into a restful state, slowing our heart rate down and relaxing the body.
  2.  Prevent Tech Neck - The bamboo brush is a massage staple for people who use computers all day long.  Focus on the whole of the neck area, the upper back, the arms, wrists and hands. You can also use this in conjunction with The Acupressure Neck Massager .   Vary the power to see what works best for you. Massage harder on the shoulders than the neck. This massage will give your tight muscles instant relief.
  3.  Check Your Liver Qi - The liver is the organ that is most affected by stress and emotions. If we have Liver Qi Blockage, this can affect our sleep, mood and digestion. To check for this, use the brush to massage the inside of your leg from your knee to your ankle. If you feel tenderness, this is a sign of Liver Qi Blockage. Keep massaging this area on a daily basis. After about a week, the area will be less tender. This is a sign that your massage is working. Your body now has much more resource to deal with stress and you will notice an increased ability to deal with stress in your day to day life.
  4.  Relieve Headaches - A TCM doctor can see where the imbalances are in your body according to the place where your headache is. For example, If the headache is at the side of the head, this can be due to a digestive problem.  Activating trigger points on your head and face and neck can reduce head pain and have a balancing effect on the mind and body.  Gently massage your face and head. There will be places that feel more tender than others. Use your massage brush to massage those places until the sensitivity has been relieved
  5.  Boost Immunity - The lymph system is part of the body's immune system and helps to fight infection. The Instant Health massage can improve the drainage of lymph around your body and give a boost to your immune system.
  6.  Improve Energy Flow - The Instant Health massage improves the overall Qi of the body. It works in the same way as acupuncture. The meridian or energy matrix of our body flows where our blood flows.  Stress blocks the body and stops the flow of Qi.  The massage helps to keep the flow of blood and Qi circulating at its optimum.

 The Instant Health Massage Brush is available exclusively from my website.  I have created this brush specifically for health massage. The brush has high quality bamboo rods and is the optimal weight for massage.

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  • David

    I use the bamboo brush and it is an exceptional quality product. The benefits are there!

  • Peter

    Thank you shifu for your dedicating work, I ve learned so much thanks to you, like Ba Duan Jin makes my blood flow freely throughout the body, so the breathing awakens and gives me energy,instant massage – just loving it

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