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How Shaolin Monks Deal With Lock Down Life

I've been struck by the similarities between lock down life and my life as a disciple at the Shaolin Temple. One of the positive things that has come out of this lockdown is that many people have started to slow down and see meaning in day to day life. Skies are bluer. Tea tastes better. People have also discovered how vital exercise and meditation is to them. We may not be able to control the events in the world but we can control our experience to them. Exercise and meditation are tools that help us to do that.

 At the Shaolin Temple, meditation can be gardening, walking or running. Our Kung Fu and Qigong  is our meditation. We each have an optimal way to meditate. Ask yourself:

  • What is a positive activity that helps to slow my thoughts down so that spaciousness and relaxation can arise in my mind?

I'm living through the lock down twice. First with my family in China, and now, here in London. My way of meditation is to give myself a tough physical challenge. In the eight week lock down, I trained for twenty days non-stop, and created a program called Transformation 1 which is available now and Transformation 2 which will be available later this month. I've also increased my Qigong practice to boost my immune system and I use my bamboo brush every day. You can find out more about this in my YouTube video.

Our anxiety doesn't change anything. It may even make things worse. Our life is shaped by our mind. Meditation and mindful workouts helps us to exercise more control over our mind so that pain, sadness, fear and anxiety no longer disrupt our life as forcefully as they used to. Your mind is naturally peaceful. What is your way to access it?


  • thomas j adams

    To you, Shifu, thank you. I was thinking of how people need more time to slow down, connect with themselves in this world. Look inside to find how to deal with this world. The answers are within you, not the mind numbing TV or it’s pundits. Focusing with your help and guidance. Making my way as a ICU R.N. today is easier with the right perspective. Humdily your student, Tom

  • L.

    I wish to say how much your Qigong book and practise has helped my balance and poise in the last year.
    Thank You.

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