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How do Shaolin Monks Prove that Qigong Works?

When I decided to teach Yi Jin Jing, I went online to do some research about how it's being taught in the West. What I discovered is when the students did Yi Jin Jing, most of them looked as if they were doing Tai Chi.

The Shaolin Temple have two famous forms. Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing. The Shaolin Monks practice these forms because they want to be physically strong. How do they show their strength? Through their Kung Fu.  They gain stamina and flexibility and there is a meaning to their movement. This is one of the reasons why - when they perform - it's so beautiful to watch.

Yi Jin Jing has four parts. In the 1st part, we use Qigong to send a signal to our body that we are opening and strengthening our internal organs. In the 2nd part we use different turning movements to transform the muscles and tendons. In the 3rd part we use hard Qigong and strength training to strengthen our Qigong.  In the final part we strengthen and open our meridian channels so our body works at its optimal. The aim of the form is to make us healthy and strong.

In my online course, I link this Qigong form with traditional punches and kicks and the 5 Fundamental Stances. This physical exercise makes the Qigong work quicker as we learn how to move fluidly between internal and external. These are like two wings of a bird. We need both for optimal health.

If Yi Jin Jing is practiced as Tai Chi form then the muscles and tendons will not transform. You have to use power and strength to change your muscle and tendon. It's impossible to be relaxed and change your muscles and tendons. Better you go to sleep. This is very relaxing!

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  • Joseph Ahmad

    This class changed how I approach working out. Starting out with a run, then doing bodyweight training, then stretching, Yi Jin Jing (any part), then bamboo brush!

  • Macie

    Hi Shifu! Is Yi Jin Jing for any ages?

  • Neai Tuppi

    Good explanation of what Yi Jin Jing is, and how and why it should be done differently than Tai Chi Chuan.

  • Alexandre

    I did this class last year and it was great. I still use Yin Jin Jing in my daily practice and it helps me feel strong and flexible. Thank you Shifu :-)

  • Dan Howell

    But what is wrong with taijiquan? The Chen family became famous for their combat skills using softness,

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