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Fix it with Traditional Chinese Massage

Self- massage is a great way to optimize our health and wellness. All of the massage tools that are available on my site have been time-tested at the Shaolin Temple and in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. The aim is to regenerate the body from the inside out, and the side effect of this is an increase in energy and longevity.

Massage can be done with the Instant Health bamboo brush or If you want a more precise massage then I recommend using one of the Gua Sha stones. In China, when you have a professional Gua Sha massage, the masseur has four different stones. They all work in different ways on the meridians and points. You can find more about them HERE.

5 Benefits of self-massage  

  •  1. Prevent Injury - Blood can’t flow freely through tight muscles. Through releasing tension in your muscles, you increase blood flow and release the chance of injury.
  •  2. Unblock The Meridian Channels - Meridian lines are small rivers that flow where the blood flows. They get blocked through stress or mild illness. The Instant Health Massage works in the same way as acupuncture, opening the meridian channels and unblocking the channels. Gua Sha has been used for generations in China as a home remedy. 
  •  3. Boost Immunity -  A recent study showed that people who received a massage had an increased number of lymphocytes, which are white blood cells that play a large role in defending the body from disease. They were also shown to have less of the stress hormone, cortisol.
  •  4. Fix Stress - The gentle beating action of the bamboo brush has a calming effect on the mind and releases endorphins in the body. As the mind relaxes, the body does too. Alternatively Gua Sha is a great massage to de-stress and prevent inflammation.
  • 5. Improve Circulation - The light vibrational movements of the bamboo brush help the blood to flow through your body. Although research has not been done on this brush, a recent study published in Medical Science Monitor found that "Five minutes of vibration ( such as a vibration plate) produced significant increases in skin blood flow.”

Shaolin Temple Martial Arts focuses on health from the inside out. Skin is the largest organ in our body. Through regular massage, we look after this outer organ as well as all of our inner organs. If we do massage alongside Qigong then we optimize the energy matrix of our body so we can perform at the peak of our power both in our chosen martial art and in our life.

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