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Your 8 Week Shaolin Kung Fu Workout

When I began training at the Shaolin Temple the focus was on simplicity. This is the best way to approach Shaolin. The traditional Shaolin Temple punches, kicks and forms are specifically designed to change your muscles and tendons.

Whether you're training at the Shaolin Temple or training with my kung fu workout book and DVD in your home: day by day you transform your mind and body into a martial artist's mind and body. But don't think these exercises are just for beginners. I, along with most Shaolin monks and senior students still do these drills on a daily basis to fine tune my body and keep it working at its optimal. Here's how you can do it.

Your Shaolin Kung Fu Training Plan 

  1. Set a goal. Use four weeks to learn everything in my book. Within these 4 weeks you will know the movements and be able to follow my Shaolin Workout DVD. Then use the next four weeks to push yourself.
  2. Direct your focus. Take the focus off your problems and your limitations and focus on your goal. When you focus on your goal your problem will be smaller.
  3.  Run. At the Shaolin Temple we always begin our training with a run. Run for 10 - 30 minutes to warm your body then come home and follow my DVD.
  4. Learn a little, train a little. Make sure you're doing the exercises correctly. Don't use too much power as you want your mind and body to have memory.  When you can do the movement properly move on to the next exercise. 
    Here's an example: 10 push ups. 20 - 30 Traditional punches. Body Movement to relax the shoulders. Repeat x 5
    Squats x 20. Straight Kick. Squats x 20. Cross Kick etc. Move through the five fundamental kicks.

Click here to order your entire package which includes everything you need to get started on your Shaolin Journey today. And don't forget to let me know how you get on in the comments below. 


  • nagateja

    I am interest

  • Gaurav

    Want to learn

  • Dave B

    This was the first DVD and book I bought around 4 months ago. I train to this at least 4 times a week with other videos Shifu has produced and this is still very challenging! For the first month or so I had to put it on pause every once in a while (I was very out of shape) but now I can do the whole thing but by the end I’m exhausted, but in a very good way! even just this DVD Shifu pushes you past what you think you can do. Even better is that he corrects posture and things like that during the DVD and its exactly when I needed it to be corrected so you can tell he has trained a lot of people and know what to look for and when. The book is a must-have. Not only does it break all of the forms, punches, kicks, etc down into great pictures, but there is so much more than that in it, it’s a great book to just read too! Thank you Shifu!!

  • Kevin

    Really good instructions. I have now established a morning routine 6-7 days a week including both Kung Fu and Qigong and really reaping the benefits. The more I practise the more I see how Qigong and Kung Fu go hand in hand. Sifu was right!

  • Jeffrey Skrocki


    I definitely seek to learn all there is as I seek maximum balance in teaching my students as a Shifu of Shaolin 5 Fists Gong Fu. I study with Shix Yien Di currently and want to get better to honor you, him and all who seek the Shaolin Way.


    Shifu Jeffrey Skrocki

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