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You Already Are What You Want To Become

Top athletes use sport’s psychologists to train their minds to perform at their best in competition. Shaolin Monks use the psychology of Zen. This doesn’t mean that if you practice Shaolin you need to be a Buddhist but Zen philosophy can help you perform at the peak of your ability while staying focused and peaceful.

Aimlessness is an important Zen teaching which helps us to stop drifting into the future of “if” and “when”, and focus on the single point of now. 

Aimlessness means: You already are what you want to become. Does a tree have to do something? The purpose of a tree is to be itself, and your purpose is to be yourself.

You have everything. There is no need to put anything in front of you and run after it. So, whatever it is that you believe you want – good health, more energy or to be an exceptional martial artist – you already have.

Bringing this energy into your Qigong and Kung Fu Workout will help you enter the raw experience  of Zen. For this month, check yourself and rather than constantly trying to improve yourself, train from the perspective that you already are what you want to become. Relax. There is nothing to strive for.

Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong helps you to reach the potential in yourself that you only dreamt of before. If you approach the Shaolin Arts with intelligence and determination, I guarantee you can bring to your life the wholeness, health and inner satisfaction that you seek.

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  • Andrew Smee

    Thank you for your compassion.Also are the photographs on top of Songshan ?

  • Ingo Waaga

    Greeting to all of you. Shifu Yan Lei brought us to the spot we are now. I’m very greatful for that we are part of Shifu Yan Lei’s world. Well I need his advice for further progress.

  • Ingo W.J.P.

    Dear Shifu Yan Lei: I need both: Kung Fu and Qigong. So I need your advice. I’m in tune with Karate, Qi and Kung Fu. Ofcourse i’m not master at all. I’ll go with you next year for sure. But I need some preparatins:: how old, how heavy, how advanced. Maybe I’m advanced to pass the iron contests. But do I’m ready for the contest of the reason?

  • Abdul karim

    Shifu your words are very useful. I came to your lessons in Birmingham uk in 2005 and would like to know when you will teach in UK again.

  • Zach Byrski

    I can’t express enough how much this, and every other newsletter, from you have meant for me. As someone who’s not just trying to be healthier and a better martial artist, but also had problems with depression and anxiety, your words have been so inspirational. I hope you continue teaching.

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