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Shaolin Monk Stamina: Your 20 Day Training Program

In this 20 Day program, you will mix punches with push ups and kicks with squats. This will make your muscle lean and powerful and you will gain strength from the inside out. A person may be able to squat with 100kg weights but they can't raise their knee 100 times. A Shaolin Monk's training is different because they're not just training for strength or stamina, they're training for their martial arts. 

This program is not suitable for beginners. ( Beginners can start with my Shaolin Kung Fu Novice Monk Training). This type of training is for martial artists who already know their bodies and want to take their martial art to the next level.

5 Rules For Your 20 Day Program 

  • 20 Days None Stop Training - Usually it's better for the body to take 1 day off a week. But if you want to dramatically improve your skill then train for 20 days non-stop. This method is a fast track to Shaolin Stamina.
  • Kill Your Muscles - you need to ache a lot! Ache is different from pain. You need to know the difference. Pain is bad. Ache is good. If you're not aching, you're not progressing.
  • Kill Your Lung - you are training anaerobically. This word literally means "living without air", you need to push yourself so hard that you at your limit. It's hard to do by yourself and you need to be careful and stay safe! 
  • Do More Than You Think You Can - Just when you get to the point where you feel you can't do anymore,  do more. When you do 20 push ups, do 21. When you get to the end of your run, sprint.
  • Take Small Steps - Start off by setting yourself small targets and build from there. If you haven't ran for along time then don't expect to be able to run 10k straight away. Run 3k. It's the same with my DVDs, do half the DVD or work at a slower pace and do half the exercises and build from there.

For your 20 Day Shaolin Monk Stamina Program you will need the folllowing:

Shaolin Fitness Bundle DVDs

Shaolin Qigong or Upper And Lower Body DVDs.

These DVDs are also available as downloads

Before you begin your training, warm up with a run either outside, on a machine or on the spot or skip for ten minutes. Increase the length of your run/ skip each week then at the beginning of the week go back to a short run and increase your run again throughout the week. 

Your 20 Day Training Program

  •  Day 1 - Bootcamp Volume 1
  • Day 2 Bootcamp Volume 2
  • Day 3 - Circuit Training 1 - first 3 sets. Followed by 15 minutes of Qigong For Upper Body
  • Day 4 Circuit Training 2 - first 3 sets. followed by 15 minutes of Qigong For Lower Body
  • Day 5 Bootcamp Volume 1
  • Day 6 Bootcamp Volume 2
  • Day 7 Circuit Training 1
  • Day 8 Circuit Training 2
  • Day 9 Circuit Training 1 - Followed by 15 minutes of Qigong For Upper Body
  • Day 10 Circuit Training 2 followed by 15 minutes of Qigong For Lower Body
  • Day 11 Bootcamp Volume 1
  • Day 12 Bootcamp Volume 2
  • Day 13 Circuit Training 1 - 30 minutes Qigong For Upper Body
  • Day 14 Circuit Training 2  - 30 minutes Qigong For Lower Body
  • Day 15 Circuit Training 1 - 30 minutes Qigong For Upper Body
  • Day 16 Circuit Training 2  - 30 minutes Qigong For Lower Body
  • Day 17 Bootcamp Volume 1
  • Day 18 Bootcamp Volume 2
  • Day 19 Circuit Training 1 + Qigong For Upper Body
  • Day 20 Circuit Training 2 + Qigong For Lower Body

For more details on my Shaolin Fitness Bundle DVD click here.

For more details on my Shaolin Qigong and Upper Body DVD click here.

Totally new to Shaolin? Then start with my Shaolin Kung Fu Novice Monk Training Bundle. 

Please share in the comments below how you got on or on the Facebook page created for all the Shaolin Warrior brothers and sisters. Happy Training! 



  • Suresh Thakor

    I want to prepare my body for self-defense in order to live life with truth and not be afraid of anyone for it.

  • Stephen BENDER

    I am keen to do this training

  • Paul

    Looks great. I had a teacher who taught me tiger. Wish I had learned at a younger age. Maybe this would give me the progressive strength needed to improve. Can you sell to the US? and if so the cost in our currency. Thank you!

  • Leomar Walker

    This is out of this world great. I always thought about surpassing my own limitations of my body. I’m always curious what monks do and now I really wanna learn their ways. Not just to bebefit my health, but to also to be able to make my body more and mind discipline in a way that most people can’t do. Please feel free to reach me at 510 479 4827. Thank you.

  • Kunwar Dinesh Rajput

    I am 50 years old and I want to learn Marshal art .can i learn at this age if yes than what’s the way to get training .pls guide.

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