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Create A Shaolin Temple In Your Home

Activate Your Environment To Support Your Goals

When I was a student at the Shaolin Temple, my master used to joke that it was only advertising companies and Buddhists who studied the mind. The advertising companies study our minds to find out what slogans and images will increase our desire to buy the products they are selling, while Buddhists study the mind to help them become closer to the Buddha. Both know the power of images. Images work unconsciously on our mind and we are bombared with thousands of them every day.

The Shaolin Temple have images of Buddha and the Buddha of compassion, Guan Yin. I have similar statues in my home. I, like most Shaolin disciples and monks wear a small Jade Buddha amulet. We choose these powerful images as a reminder to have a positive mental outlook and keep training. They remind us to stay in touch with the peace that lies inside all of us. Chinese Jade Jewelry has been used by the Chinese for many thousands of years. We believe that Chinese Jade has the power to bring longevity, good health and peace of mind into our life.

Wrist mala

”If I feel stressed I wear a Buddha mala. Reciting a mantra while touching the beads helps me to calm down.“

In my office I have a Jade Energy Stone to offset the energy that comes off the computer. Just as a tree can purify the air, we believe that jade has healing powers; helping to purify the body and protect us against the harmful effects of computers, mobile phones or negative energy. The energy at the top of a mountain is very different from the energy in front of a computer!

Energy stone

Activate Your Environment To Support Your Goals

The Shaolin Temple is always kept pristine clean. There is never any clutter. Keep your living space clean and clutter free. It will help your mind to be in harmony. Our living space can be a reflection of our mind but it can also clutter up a clear mind if it’s always messy.

Different things inspire different people, think about what inspires you. Can you see your inspiration every day? Small changes in your environment help you activate your health and fitness goals and make them real. Research has shown that even simple things like using a smaller plate can help us to eat less.

If your environment isn’t positive then change it so it is so that your environment is supporting and not hindering your goals.

Jade Energy Stones, Amulets and Malas


  • nancy chitta

    I related to this commentary. I too have Cannon (japanese version of Kwan Yin) the Buddha and malas in my sleep area along with restful modern art… I’m glad you reminded me about the goal of a pristine cleanliness. also my living, dining rooms and major hallway have Buddhist symbols of icons such as the reclining Buddha -- POSITIVELY enjoy the sharing – I am what I term a securlar Buddhist with a so-called designer religion - more doing than dharma… namaste’

  • Peter

    Thanks for great article! Today I start your 6 minute exercise video ? Thank you

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