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3 Techniques To Train Like A Shaolin Monk

Just over twelve years ago, the Shaolin Temple Abbot asked my brother and I to come to the UK and set up a school because there was such a high demand for Shaolin Teachings. Seeing the positive effect that Shaolin was having on my students I decided to make teaching programs for those students who couldn't come to London. I'm very happy that these teaching programs are having the same effect on student's around the world. 

To begin your professional training start with Shaolin Workout Bundle and Shaolin Workout Book Bundle.

3 Techniques To Train Like A Shaolin Monk

  • Vary Your Speed - Slow your movements down then pace them up. See how fast you can do them before you become sloppy. This will give you an insight into how well you know the movements.
  • Dig Deep - A person looking for water doesn't run around everywhere but stays in one place and keeps digging. It's the same with your practice. Stay with it. Shaolin Monks practice each Shaolin kick more than a hundred times a day. 
  • Forget Instant - Yes, I'm guilty of this myself because I call my books Instant Fitness and Instant Health. In some ways, it is instant because we're one breath away from being calm. But for lasting health and fitness, this takes a change of lifestyle.  The very meaning of Kung Fu is something which takes a lot of time to master.

Train with Shaolin Workout 1 on one day then Shaolin Workout 2 on another day then cool down with some Qigong. Spend one day slowly mastering the forms and the kicks.  If you train 6 times a week and begin your training with a run, it will take you 3 months for your body to transform into a martial art's body. Let me know how you get on. 




  • dennis

    kung fun is all about passion just believe you can practice this art

  • S'nsere Cummings

    I would love to learn this magnificent craft and art finding peace and Dicipline within myself

  • Phil

    Omituofo shifu,

    Following your path and joined a kung fu class.
    Looking up to you, every morning i wake up, and keeping myself fit.

    Thank you!

  • Chris in California

    Thank you for the great website and the Shaolin training information. My entire family have been learning Kung Fu for the past two years and it has made a tremendous difference in our health and lives. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.

  • Sumeet Kumar

    I am from India and willing to learn kung fu, but i didn’t have any proper guidance regarding how to start & how to practice. Also sir, in India around 99% parents would not support for martial arts. But, I still want to learn it. I have saw your training material and got hope that even i could learn kung fu. Sir, everyday my day would starts with YOG and with some PHYSICAL EXCERSICE. I would always try to keep myself fit as much as feasible. Also i am having my working schedule from morning 9:45 to evening 5:00. But still I would manage atleast 1 and half hours for my daily excersice. So i will try this.

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