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My motivation for training is personal self development both physically, mentally and spiritually. The impact it's had on my life is massive. I've come to learn that I've been holding myself back for a very long time and the Shaolin path is undoing what I have done to myself. I'm very very grateful to Shifu Yan Lei. Mark Mitchell 

My motivation for training is to find a deep peace within myself which helps me become a better person to those around me. Shifu Yan Lei's DVD's over time have started to cultivate this peace within. This inspiration becomes stronger as time goes on. I find my mind sharper and I'm now able to mix up the training from the DVD's to do my own workouts anywhere! I'm very thankful I discovered Shifu's website around 4 years ago. Gerard Foreman

My motivation for training is to learn from the best and push myself. Learning Shaolin Kung Fu has improved my self-confidence and improved my health.  Ravi Kaul

I bought Shifu Yan Lei's DVD's, massage brush, and t-shirt.  I love Shaolin training. It helps keep me fit and deal with things in life. I have a busy life with work and family, but try to always do some training.  I want to thank Shifu Yan Lei for sharing this knowledge and making it available for us who can't go to a school, plus it saves me money that I would pay at a school.  I'm 43 yrs old.  Thank you Shifu!  Jason Cashman

I started training from Yan Lei's books (2) and DVD's (5) around 5 years ago. I have practiced Qigong for around 40 years. I train daily. I also use the bamboo brush which is an amazing piece of kit. I was 70 in July and hope to be doing this training until I am well over a 100!!! Benefits are enormous. As we age we lose muscle mass and bones become weak. Shaolin Qigong is life extending. I also meditate. All of you keep going right through your life. Amituofo/blessings!  Alan E Taylor

My motivation for training came from doing classes with Shifu Yan Lei . The classes were hard but it worked and 5 years later I still practice Qigong daily. I am stronger, calmer and feel younger. Shaolin Qigong works. I am very grateful. Thanks! Mike

I've practiced Qigong for 25 years, I´m now 65 years old. My motivation to to do my Qigong practice for 30-60 minutes is simply that I feel the body wake up in a good way. I'm more flexible then many of my friends, and I can enjoy going to the gym 3 days a week and playing with my grandchildren, both on the playground and swimming pool. Since I started to practice from Shifu Yan Lei's Qigong book and DVD “Qigong Workout For Longevity” about 5 years ago, I've noticed a huge boost in energy. It was like coming home.Thank you Shifu, for giving so much of your knowledge to us. Gunner

I absolutely love martial arts. I enjoy every session of my physical training. Thanks to Shifu Yan Lei's  DVD's and books I'm able to understand the importance of mental training as well as physical. It has taken my experience of body conditioning to a totally different level. Training like that keeps me fit mentally and physically.This kind of training has had a great impact on my life. I've never felt better. Thanks to daily Qigong, stretching and fight training, my body is flexible, my stamina levels are just crazy and what is most important I feel really healthy. It's a beautiful experience. I really appreciate Shifu Yan Lei's teaching!  Dariusz Gwizdowski

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