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One To One Personal Training

Shifu Yan Lei - Your Authentic Qigong and Kung Fu Trainer

The Shaolin Arts are not just for martial artists but for anyone who wants to maximize their health and well-being. In the States, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, and many other celebrities have started to use Qigong alongside their regular fitness regime.

Shifu Yan Lei has over twenty years experience in Qigong and Kung Fu, and a private session with Shifu Yan Lei gives you direct access to his expertise, allowing him to build a personalised programme tailored specifically to your needs.

Under his guidance, you can begin to work towards your personal goals of physical and mental well-being. Training one to one with Shaolin disciple Yan Lei is an exhilarating experience, which dramatically increases your fitness levels and helps to improve your immune system, boost energy levels, and increase peace and well-being.

The sessions are flexible and consist of Qi Gong only, Kung Fu or a combination of the two. If you are based near London it’s recommended that you train twice a week. If you already train with Shifu’s DVDs then you can supplement your home training and schedule a session with him once every six months so that he can check you are doing the forms correctly and give you individual health and wellness advice.

Training sessions are available from 7.30 am - 9.00 pm from Sunday - Friday. The sessions take place at Shaolin Temple UK in North London. Voted number 11 in the Time Out Top Fifty Gym, it is equipped with a Buddha hall and a Kung Fu hall which provides the perfect environment for Shaolin training. 

If you have any questions or would like to book a session please email

Please note, all sessions must be paid for on-line in advance.