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The Shaolin Secret To Happiness

The secret of happiness is to connect our heart with our body. These days people think too much and their mind and body are out of harmony. Shaolin Qigong and Kung Fu takes us from our thinking mind and clothes us in heaven and earth. Every time we do our Shaolin Workout, we turn off our thinking mind and let our internal wisdom take over. Life is not meant to be a cosy duvet. We forge our mind and body through the fire of our training to reach our highest potential. We train as if every training session is our last and we train until we’re empty. We do not put our energy on hold for some future time. Now...

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Action Plan: 7 Ways To Live Your Best Martial Art’s Year Ever

Kick off 2017 with these actionable training tips that will reset your martial art’s focus and help you live your best martial art’s year ever! Make A Goalless Goal  Shaolin Training doesn’t underestimate a person’s strength of body and mind. The masters knew how much we could achieve and they wouldn’t let us get away with anything less. The first goal young disciples have when they come to the Shaolin Temple is Never Give Up.  Once that statement is made, it’s like sitting on a plane and knowing the destination is Beijing. We don’t need to think anymore about where we’re heading. Our mind is no longer caught up thinking maybe I should head to Chicago or London instead. There’s...

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3 Techniques To Train Like A Shaolin Monk

Just over twelve years ago, the Shaolin Temple Abbot asked my brother and I to come to the UK and set up a school because there was such a high demand for Shaolin Teachings. Seeing the positive effect that Shaolin was having on my students I decided to make teaching programs for those students who couldn't come to London. I'm very happy that these teaching programs are having the same effect on student's around the world.  To begin your professional training start with Shaolin Workout Bundle and Shaolin Workout Book Bundle. 3 Techniques To Train Like A Shaolin Monk Vary Your Speed - Slow your movements down then pace them up. See how fast you can do them before you become sloppy. This will give you an insight...

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Fix Stress With Qigong

Stress is a natural part of our life. The way we react to stress plays a major role in the health of our mind and body. Seventy-five percent of all doctor’s office visits in the USA are for stress-related ailments and complaints. If we don’t return our mind and body to its natural relaxed state then stress can lead to ill health, anxiety and depression.  But stress is very easily fixed with the practice of simple Shaolin Qigong movements which give us the peace and tranquility of a Shaolin Monk in the midst of our busy urban life. Your 7 Step Fix Stress Shaolin Qigong Plan 1) Stop ( even just for five minutes) - When we are “stressed-out”, it’s very difficult to stop...

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Shaolin Monk Stamina: Your 20 Day Training Program

In this 20 Day program, you will mix punches with push ups and kicks with squats. This will make your muscle lean and powerful and you will gain strength from the inside out. A person may be able to squat with 100kg weights but they can't raise their knee 100 times. A Shaolin Monk's training is different because they're not just training for strength or stamina, they're training for their martial arts.  This program is not suitable for beginners. ( Beginners can start with my Shaolin Kung Fu Novice Monk Training). This type of training is for martial artists who already know their bodies and want to take their martial art to the next level. 5 Rules For Your 20 Day Program  20 Days None Stop Training - Usually it's better for the body to...

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