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5 Steps To Becoming A Healthier Person And A Better Martial Artist

A few months ago, when I was in China, a friend of mine called to say he was unwell. I asked him to come and visit me so I could teach him Qigong, he told me he didn't have time, I said, but when you are sick you will have time to go to hospital because you have no choice. The next day he came and studied with me for seven days. The best way to stay healthy and fit both internally and externally is through the practice of Shaolin Qigong and Kung Fu. It includes all we need for mind body health in one fully integrated unit. This doesn't mean we have to become a shaven headed monk flying through...

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How To Get The Body Of A Martial Artist

Every week I receive many emails from students. There are two questions I get asked the most: What do I eat?  How do I get my body?  Most people assume I do weight lifting. This isn't true. Every now and again I may lift whatever's lying around and incorporate it into my workout but my main workout is 100% Shaolin. Right now I'm training to make new DVDs. I will film 4 workouts a day for two days under hot lights so I need to be fitter than the exercises I'm teaching. In order to do this, every morning I run 10 or 12 k in my local park. I then do the Fundamental Moves from my Kung Fu Book and...

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The Power Of Zen

The founder of Zen and the creator of Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong was the son of a King from the Warrior Caste in India. When he was a boy, his Buddhist teacher showed him a jewel and asked, ‘Is there anything more priceless than this jewel?’ The Bodhidharma replied, ‘The clear light of the mind is worth much more than a priceless jewel.’ It took the Bodhidharma three years to journey from India to China. He carried scrolls of Buddhist teachings with him. When his meeting with the Emperor didn’t go well, he crossed the Yangtze River and arrived at the Shaolin Temple where he was called The Indian Who Stares At A Wall. His teachings point to a...

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5 Shaolin Temple Tips For Training With Injury

It’s easy to get frustrated when injured and see it as a set back to your training but injury gives us a great opportunity to focus on the Yin side of our training.  Here’s 5 Shaolin Temple Tips on how Shaolin Monks deal with injury. Investigate how the injury came about and what the injury is telling you. Don't mask the pain, this won't heal the pain, listen to it.  Find out what you can do instead of focusing on what you can't. Depending on your injury, adapt your kung fu training. For example if it’s a leg injury, work on your upper body techniques. If it’s not possible to train in kung fu then run through the Shaolin forms with your...

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Are Your Thoughts Sabotaging Your Martial Arts?

Many people believe that there is a conflict or contradiction between learning the art of fighting and being a peaceful Buddhist. In The Art of War, Sun Tzu said, Know thy foe and know thyself: had you a hundred battles to fight you would emerge a hundred times victorious, Know not thy foe and know thyself: you may lose you may win, Know neither thy foe nor thyself: every battle you reckon up will be a loss. Through the Shaolin Arts we learn about ourselves and through learning about ourselves we learn about life. The emphasis is always on the present moment because this is the only time when we are fully alive. We don’t practice to be a great martial artist...

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