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3 Keys To Unlocking The Power Of Qigong

One of the main purposes of Qigong practice is to re-balance our body and stop it burning itself out.  Qigong is the reason why at 43, I still train as hard as I did when I was 14. But how do we get the most benefit from our Qigong?

3 Keys To Unlocking The Power Of Qigong  

  1.  Keep it Simple - The beauty of Qigong is its simplicity. At the Shaolin Temple, we don't learn complex Qi theory, neither do we focus on one area of our body such as the Dan Tian. We just focus on our breath and movement together. We always learn The 8 Treasures Qigong form first. These precious teachings are passed down from the founder of Zen, Bodhidharma. He was a great master and didn't gain anything from teaching these treasures. This gives us trust that what our teachers and ancestors have passed down to us is authentic.
  2. Practice Consistently -  We've been given the key to optimal health but the only way to open the door is through consistent practice. Minimum, half an hour, four days a week.  
  3. Do the Qigong Instant Health Massage  - The Instant Health massage greatly increases the benefit of our Qigong. It releases energy blockages in the body, helps to prevent injury and illness while acting as a natural battery charger for the body.  

Taking care of your life is the most important job you have as a human being. Qigong is one of the keys to keeping your mind and body strong and living well into old age.

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  • sensei Joseph,Kenya Africa East.

    This is a wonderful knowledge. with Respect and Honor i appreciate this powerful knowledge since at 48 am training hard as i was doing 38 years ago and also training others in mixed martial arts karate and aikido, though i train abit of Jeet kune Do from internet. i have three high schools i train around 250 trainees both girls and boys. it is of great help for their holistic growth.

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